VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter Review & Swatches
By Ree

VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter Review & Swatches

10 Dec 2020

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I have been absolutely loving the new VIEVE makeup brand by Jamie Genevieve and I’ve had lots of request for swatches of the full collection. So I am working my way through! In this post I am sharing the very beautiful VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter collection. I have all the shades here with swatches.

VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter
VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter

The VIEVE brand has been going great guns since its launch in November and I absolutely love the Essential Eyeshadow palette – check out my review and swatches here.

Full range is also now available here at Cult Beauty* which is absolutely incredible for such a new brand.

What is the VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter?

VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter
VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter
  • Finely pressed, silky powder highlighter
  • Designed to deliver an instant ‘lit from within’ glow
  • Suitable for both your face and body
  • Formulated to not leave a powder residue
  • Available in three shades

VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter Shades & Swatches

As I said, there are three shades in this highlighter formula and they are delicious!

  • BIJOU – champagne shade with subtle gold undertones that is perfectly suited to fairer skin tones
  • HOLY CHIC – peachy gold, that adds a warm, sunkissed dewiness to medium skin tones
  • RICHES – golden caramel that adds an intense radiance to deeper skin tones


Bijou, Holy Chic, Riches:

VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter Swatches - Bijou, Holy Chic, Riches
VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter Swatches – Bijou, Holy Chic, Riches

The formula is really beautiful. It is soft and silky and has a lovely liquid-like feel when it touches the skin. It has a similar texture to the Glimmer shade in Jamie’s eyeshadow palette, and I actually love to use that one as a highlighter too.

It is smooth and blendable, yet has very noticeable shimmer in the pan, that could almost be described as glitter. But it’s not glitter in an obvious chunky way – it delivers the high shine glam factor without the disco ball that anyone with visible texture on their skin (pretty much the whole world) would want to avoid.

Nova Glow Swatches - Bijou, Holy Chic, Riches
Nova Glow Swatches – Bijou, Holy Chic, Riches

If visible, chunkier shimmer tends to put you off, then ignore it until you see it on your skin because this really works, I promise. It might not be everyone’s everyday highlighter, although as a highlighter obsessive, I want to shine like this every day! If you prefer more of a soft glow for day to day rather than liquid high-shine, this could be your glam option. I love it.

Nova Glow in Bijou
Nova Glow in Bijou

Bijou is my shade but I can also wear Holy Chic for more warmth and as a gorgeous bronzer topper. Riches is lovely on my eyes.

Where to buy VIEVE Nova Glow Highlighter

The highlighter is £27 and available at Cult Beauty* and VIEVE.

Please let me know if  for you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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