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I’m Ree and I started my blog, ReallyRee.com in 2010. I am obsessed with everything to do with beauty and love discovering new products and sharing my findings. It all started as a hobby and I never imagined it would become what it is today. The fact that I even had a handful of readers back in the day was surprising and thrilling!! Now those few readers have grown in to lots and lots of  readers which is such a ‘pinch me’ situation!  I called the site ReallyRee because that was my username on twitter, and it just seemed to fit with my approach to blogging and wanting to keep things real for my readers. I love to write about beauty in an honest and accessible way for people just like me. I also love that people rely on me to know what’s new and worth trying, and I work hard to achieve that.

I'm about keeping beauty real for ordinary people like me who just want to look their very best.


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