Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Review & Swatches - Before & After
By Ree

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Review & Swatches

14 Sep 2019 (Updated: 2 Jan 2020)

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I can’t believe I haven’t written this post sooner because I absolutely love this new foundation from Surratt Beauty. I think I was suffering with a case of foundation fatigue because there have been so many new launches! But I’m back! Here’s the lowdown on the Surratt Dew Drop Foundation.

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation
Surratt Dew Drop Foundation

I love everything I have tried from Surratt, particularly the amazing Lid Lacquers (Hadaka is my favourite shade) and so I had high hopes. It is out now!

What is Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Like?

If you love a dewy, hydrated look, then this is for you.

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation
Surratt Dew Drop Foundation
  • Provides light-to-medium coverage
  • Dewy, hydrating finish
  • Natural, seamless, lightweight
  • Unique delivery system ensures complexion receives the optimal amount
  • Best applied with a dense brush
  • Available in 20 shades

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Shades & Swatches

I have swatches of all the lighter shades to share with you, five of them in fact. The full shade range includes:

  • 1 – very fair / yellow
  • 1.5 very fair/ beige
  • 2 very fair/peach
  • 3 light/pink
  • 4  light/yellow
  • 5  medium/yellow
  • 6 medium/pink
  • 6.5 medium/beige
  • 7 deep medium/ pink
  • 8 medium/yellow
  • 9 golden tan
  • 10 golden deep tan
  • 11 caramel/golden ochre
  • 12 honey/golden ochre
  • 13 amber/golden
  • 14 bronze/golden
  • 15 medium bronze/crimson
  • 16 warm brown/ neutral
  • 17 rich brown/yellow
  • 18 deep chocolate/neutral

The Light Swatches

Here is 1 – very fair / yellow, 1.5 very fair/ beige, 2 very fair/peach, 3 light/pink, 4  light/yellow:

As you might be able to see, it’s a lovely fluid texture, which perfectly suits the light to medium coverage it offers.

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Swatches - 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4
Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Swatches – 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4

Before & After

So this is always my favourite part – the before and afters! Please bear in mind that Surratt recommend 2 drops but I have been using more like four.

After – Shade 3

Surratt beauty dew drop foundation shade 3

My Review

Right! I have to come out and say this, I absolutely love this foundation. It makes my skin look so pretty without looking like makeup or at all heavy. It is on the sheer side, so if you are looking to cover blemishes you may want to skip this, or even better, couple it with a higher coverage concealer just where you need it.

I wore this when I had a massive hangover (probably shouldn’t admit this) but it just made me look fresh as a daisy and it stayed looking like that all day. Usually on days like that, I start looking really haggard at about 2pm, but it just didn’t happen with this foundation. Yay!

It seems to look more beautiful the longer I wear it, and looks just like I have naturally glowing skin, rather than great foundation. I love it.

The foundation has a very unique delivery system with a rubber button and a dropper style dispenser. It is designed to dispense the optimum amount, although I have been pressing the button a few times every time I use it.

When Does Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Launch?

This is a wonderful addition to my collection and my current go-to for everyday makeup. However, it is not cheap at £70 for just 19ml (regular foundation size is 30ml).  If you can stretch to it, and you have skin that you don’t need to cover too much, I’d say you probably wouldn’t regret it.

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation
Surratt Dew Drop Foundation

It’s available now for £70 at Space NK.

This product is one of my top recommendations for 2020 – check out Best Beauty Products for 2020.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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13 thoughts on “Surratt Dew Drop Foundation Review & Swatches

  1. Hi Ree

    Could you please tell us all what’s on your lips? Such a pretty orang-y coral colour?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Ree,

    Could you tell us if you have worn Koh Gen Do Aqua, and what shade? Or Armani Luminous, and what shade? Or MAC Face & Body, and what shade? This would be so helpful in choosing shade in Surratt Dew Foundation.

      1. Hi Ree,

        Just one more question regarding Surratt Dew Drops and shade 3…

        Can you tell us what shade you wear in Westman Atelier Vital Skin? I ask because I’m still trying to shade match the Surratt.

        Thanks once again!

  3. Oh ree! I’m hoping you can help with regards to the shades. It’s a bloody minefield for pale people buying foundation, I can’t match my skin tone exactly otherwise I look like a ghost.

    Is it one of those foundations that I’d you did to a shade up it would blend out well enough to not give a line?

    None of my easy to get to space NK stores have this foundation which is so annoying. And customer service don’t do samples. It’s a bit pricey to take a gamble!!

      1. I. Just finished using the becca luminous foundation in shade light or medium.
        Hourglass hyaluronic skin tint in golden
        Looking at swatches I think 3 or 4 might work.

        1. I think I can make 3 and 4 work – I just prefer the look of 3. It blends really easily so if you were worried about 3 being too light, perhaps 4 is the one?

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