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M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection Review

26 Jan 2020

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Vegan beauty is a massive trend for 2020 and Marks & Spencer are stepping up to the plate with a brand new skincare collection that also makes great progress with recycling and sustainability. Here’s the low down on the effective and affordable M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection.

M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection
M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection

What is in the M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection?

The good news is that this is a really great, comprehensive collection with pretty much something for everyone. Being a bit of a cleansing addict, I am particularly impressed with the vast choice within the cleansing category, called PURE Ultimate Cleanse.

There’s a fabulous rose cleansing balm that’s just £12. If you like to follow with a lighter cleanse, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a super gentle face wash formulated with Chamomile, Oat and Calendula that’s just £5. They are a fab duo.

PURE Ultimate Cleanse

M&S PURE Super Hydrate

This collection has been formulated for dry, dehydrated or tired skin and is all about hydration.

M&S PURE Natural Radiance

This final collection is all about glow boosting and firmer, brighter skin.

Review & Recommendations

As you can see, it’s a pretty full collection. It is 100% vegan, uses 95% naturally derived ingredients, many of which are sourced from the by-products of English Wine produced for M&S in the UK. Much of the packaging is recyclable, including the pumps (which is very unusual) and the labeling is clear and helpful.

Rose Cleansing Balm

M&S PURE Super Cleanse Rose Cleansing Balm
M&S PURE Super Cleanse Rose Cleansing Balm

The Rose Cleansing Balm is one of my top picks. It removed my makeup effortlessly and emulsified into a silky milk beautifully. For £12, it’s awfully similar to the iconic Elemis cleansing balm. My only complaint is that the muslin cloth it comes with is a little small for my liking but the product itself is excellent value, and if you love a balm, you will most likely have plenty of cloths.

Glycolic Toner

M&S PURE Super Cleanse Glycolic Acid
M&S PURE Super Cleanse Glycolic Acid

Another excellent product is the Glycolic Toner which gives a really good tingle and gets the skin glowing instantly. The formula is 98.3% naturally derived, with 5% citric and 4% glycolic acids to really help to slough off dead skin cells. Love it.

Super Hydrate Oil Treatment

M&S PURE Super Hydrate
M&S PURE Super Hydrate

Finally, if you’re looking for a super light face oil, the Super Hydrate Oil Treatment is excellent. It is rich in fatty acids and helps to restore the all-important skin barrier without any greasy feel.

The M&S PURE Vegan skincare collection is out now and definitely worth checking out.

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4 thoughts on “M&S PURE Vegan Skincare Collection Review

    1. Hiya- The entire PURE range is suitable for sensitive skin as it’s a gentle, fragrance free collection. But the products most suitable to sensitive skin are;
      Ultimate Cleanse Rose Cleansing Balm
      Ultimate Cleanse Micellar Water
      Super Hydrate Day Cream SPF15
      Super Hydrate Serum

      Hope that helps!! xx

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