La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30 Review, Swatch, Before & After
By Ree

La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30 Review, Swatch, Before & After

11 Jun 2020 (Updated: 6 Jul 2020)

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I tried the new La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30 out on my Insta stories and knew I loved it! Here’s what you need to know with all the details, a swatch and before and after photos.

La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30
La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30

I am a big fan of La Mer skin bases. I really love their skin aesthetic – it is all about youthful glow, which is exactly what I am all about!

What is La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30?

This is a lightweight base with a sheer to light coverage. For your reference, I feel it has a touch more coverage than the Kevyn Aucoin Stripped Nude Skin Tint, and also SPF protection:

La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30
La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30
  • Refreshing veil of colour
  • Delivers instant radiance
  • Creates a more even, healthy looking tone
  • Skin takes on a brighter appearance
  • Fine dry lines look plumped with hydration
  • Feature SPF30 protection
  • Lime Tea Concentrate helps fight the appearance of environmental damage
  • Miracle Broth supports skin’s natural renewal and helps help reduce the look of irritation
  • Translucensa Ferment brightens the skin, boosts smoothness and enhances glow
  • Available in seven shades ranging from fair to deep*

La Mer Radiant Skintint Swatch

I have the shade Light 22 to show you, which I find is a great match for my skin. It actually warms it up, ever so slightly, which is great for summer skin.

La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30 Swatch Light 22
La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30 Swatch Light 22

Before & After Photos


My Review

So as I said at the top, I actually first tried this base on my Instagram stories and I loved it straight away! Also, the response I got was an overwhelming yes from everyone that saw the story!! It is so glowy and skin perfecting, yet literally looks like you are wearing nothing at all on the skin.

I have tested it three times now, and each time I have skipped concealer because I just felt that my skin look so illuminated and bright that I was happy to embrace my natural tonal variations – if that makes any sense at all?! All I needed was a touch of bronzer, some mascara and a soft lip, and I just felt great.

The formula of the La Mer Radiant Skintint feels really gentle on the skin, and my complexion stays looking juicy and hydrated for hours. If you wanted more coverage and more of a ‘makeup’ look, you could layer on a foundation over the top. I have reviewed the new Soft Moisture Powder Foundation.

Where to buy La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30

Right now, the Skintint is available for £75 at:

La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30
La Mer Radiant Skintint SPF30

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