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Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray Review

23 May 2020

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Oh my goodness! I have been really excited to try this because I absolutely adore Hourglass. It’s such a beautiful brand, and I just love their take on skin. Here’s the lowdown on the newly launched Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray. I have been testing it out.

Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray
Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray

I love the Veil franchise from Hourglass. The setting powder is one of the few powders I actually love, and the Retouching Fluid is such a beautiful light concealer that really does make the most of your skin.

What is Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray

  • Lightweight soft focus spray
  • Works to set make up and blur imperfections
  • Dries down to dewy, soft-focus finish
  • Hydrates the skin while you wear it and prevents dryness
  • Comes in an ultra fine mist
  • Creates a smooth, even and naturally radiant appearance
  • Has water resistant properties for maximum staying power
  • Claims to set makeup in place for 24 hours
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray
Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray

My Review

I love how this gives my skin a really pretty dewiness and radiance, which I have to say I wasn’t expecting. With the ‘soft-focus’ name, I worried that it would be a little matte for me, but it’s all good!

Also, the mist is super-super fine and literally feels as light as air. It’s very impressive.

It makes my skin look blurred and smooth. I tested this out over a day and it kept my foundation in place very well and the glow stayed. It does get a bit dewier thoughout the day, so I wonder if perhaps you may not love this if you have oily skin or don’t love that luminous look.

If you love and wear highlighter, and really want it to pop, you will love this setting spray. I have found that it is able to really amplify highlighter – and for me, that is always a good thing. I actually tried it just on one side of my face one day, and the mist side was significantly glowier all day long. You can see the difference in this Instagram post.

It got a bit shiny on my t-zone (I am combination) when I first used it but I am fine with this as I love a bit of glow, and would rather look shiny than flat and matte. I actually think that dry skins could adore this and I having been focussing it on the outside of my face when I’ve used it since.

As A Touch Up Spray

It is also a really good touch up spray for when things are starting to a bit to flag a bit. It just kind of revitalises everything, illuminates and gives a renewed smoothing effect. I think this is quite a nifty trick!!

Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray
Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t have any mattifying properties, which I am happy with as I am not a fan of matte. If you are oily, and want to try to stop that, I am not sure that this mist will be for you. It does leave a noticeable ‘skincare’ tacky feel on the skin that you may not enjoy. I find this finish helps to lock in moisture and keep my skin looking and feeling juicy.

Where to buy Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray

The new mist has just launched in the UK and is available for £47 at:

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