Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection JUST LAUNCHED!
By Ree

Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection

2 Dec 2020 (Updated: 8 Dec 2020)

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The Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection launches today and this year they’ve made a few extra-special limited-edition gifts for the festive season! Here’s what you need to know.

Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection Gold Set
Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection Gold Set

Glossier had an absolutely rip-roaring Black Friday, and I can see the gifting collection going the very same way. It is pretty special!

What’s in the Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection?

The Skincare Edit is back for its second Holiday season, and is now a permanent fixture in the core collection. Apart from that, everything is limited edition. You will need to grab it while you can.

The Skincare Edit (£42, permanent)

This is Glossier’s modern skincare essentials in mini, giftable form. See the full review here.

The Skincare Edit
The Skincare Edit

The Gold Set (£70, limited edition) – shop here*

This is a pretty cool set and I think it is the star of the Glossier Holiday 2020 collection. It contains:

  • Shimmering Gold G necklace (the Glossier G logo at its 14k gold-plated shiniest!)
  • Glossier’s comfortable, high-shine Lip Gloss in festive Gold
  • The Gold Gloss is available separately HERE*
Glossier Gold Set
Glossier Gold Set

The special gold version of the gloss is only here for the festive season.

Balm Dotcom Roulette (£25, limited edition) – shop here*

This is a three-pack of their bestselling lip balms, but with a twist – you don’t know what shades you are getting – hence the roulette!

Glossier Balm Roulette
Glossier Balm Roulette

The three balms come in a ready to gift, gold-embossed, deck-of-cards-inspired pack. It’s looks super cool.

G Pal Scarf (£25 or complimentary on all orders over £65, limited edition) – shop here*

Glossier Holiday 2020 Scarf (gift with purchase)
Glossier Holiday 2020 Scarf (gift with purchase)

How cute does this look? Glossier’s holiday scarf this year is a silky (but 100% vegan) 31-inch square featuring the geometric G Pal-logo. It comes already gift-wrapped in an embossed envelope complete with a “to” and “from” tag. Easy!

G Pal Sweatshirt (£38, limited edition) – shop here*

I think this will be pretty popular!! The Glossier G Pal Sweatshirt in Liquorice Red is the same cut as the original grey Glossier sweatshirt. It has a classic crewneck, fleecy inside and raglan sleeves. Whilst the full holiday collection is launching 2nd December, Glossier’s G Pal Sweatshirt will now be launching next week. I will update with a link as soon as it is live.

Glossier Holiday 2020 G-Pal Sweatshirt
Glossier Holiday 2020 G-Pal Sweatshirt

When does the Glossier Holiday 2020 Collection Launch?

The full collection launches 2nd December at Glossier*. Remember everything is limited so be sure to get it before it’s gone.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.


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