Best Christmas Candles 2020 - Time to get Festive!
By Ree

Best Christmas Candles 2020

30 Oct 2020 (Updated: 12 Nov 2020)

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Christmas is absolutely the best time to indulge in a candle. It’s the perfect excuse to splash out on one of life’s luxuries and will certainly help to get you into the Christmas spirit. Here’s my round up of the best Christmas Candles 2020.

There’s a whole host of Christmas candles to choose from this year, so I thought I’d make it a little easier for you to decide which you need.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Diptyque

Diptyque have an absolutely beautiful design this year. This, combined with the fact that the quality of these candles is amazing, make them the perfect choice.

Diptyque Moonlit Fir
Diptyque Moonlit Fir

The collection (see full blog post) this year is absolutely beautiful and the design for this was created by German-based illustrator, painter, artist, graphic designer, and author, Olaf Hajek. There are three limited edition candles. It’s so magical.

You can buy the Holiday Candle Set* for £92 which includes three 70g candles in each of this year’s scents and designs. Or you can buy the individuals in two sizes at £32 and candles for £58:

  • Sapin de Nuit* – The Moonlit Fir candle captures the invigorating beauty of an aromatic forest. £58
  • Fleur Majeste* – A bold floral scent, so that joy reigns the season. £58
  • Ambre Plume* – Luminous orange, cinnamon and ginger vibrate the atmosphere, softened by the most welcoming of amber accords. £58

Check out my full guide to Diptyque Christmas 2020.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Jo Malone

If you are looking for a Jo Malone classic, then you will be pleased to know that Limited Edition Orange Bitters* is back in quite a few different incarnations!

Jo Malone Christmas 2020 Collection
Jo Malone Christmas 2020 Collection

Also there’s a stunning Decorated Candle Collection* which is absolutely beautiful. You get Frosted Cherry & Clove, Roasted Chestnut and Sweet Almond & Macaroon, in these stunning limited edition designs for £175.

Decorated Candle Collection
Decorated Candle Collection

Don’t miss my full guide to Jo Malone Christmas 2020

Space NK Shimmering Spice 2020

For something a little more affordable yet super high quality and gorgeous, you can’t beat Space NK’s Shimmering Spice.

Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle 2020
Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle 2020

It’s a delicious blend of spicy cinnamon and the fresh citrus notes of orange, mandarin and litsea cubeba. It has a gorgeous base of cedar and vanilla and is just perfect for getting you into the Christmas spirit. Order it online at Space NK*. It’s a 175g candle with 40 hours burn time for £26. It’s amazing value.

See my full review of Shimmering Spice.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Goutal

I love the Goutal Christmas candle. It is so festive, and it really fills a room, even before it is lit!! It is called Une Forêt d’Or Limited-Edition Candle and it’s the freshest, most authentic take on pine!

I am loving this year’s red glass, with the white and gold Christmas scene. It is magical! Order it at Liberty* now.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Molton Brown

I am absolutely loving new scent from Molton Brown for Christmas. It’s called Juniper Jazz and it’s inspired by the roaring 20s and decadent parties. Order it at Molton Brown here*.

Molton Brown Juniper Jazz Christmas Candle
Molton Brown Juniper Jazz Christmas Candle

The packaging is so gorgeous and if you like the look of this, then I suggest you definitely check out the Molton Brown Advent Calendar for 2020. It has a stack of festive scents, alongside some MB classics and there’s a big value saving..

NEOM Christmas Wish

NEOM candles are amazing. I love Christmas Wish which is a lovely sweet, cinnamony affair.

NEOM Christmas Wish Candle 2020
NEOM Christmas Wish Candle 2020

I love this year’s look and the candles are therapeutic and so help to relax your mind as well as fragrance the room. You can order it at Selfridges now*.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Jo Loves

Jo Loves candles are so gorgeous, and Christmas  Trees is an absolute beauty. It is literally Christmas in a warm, comforting candle.

Jo Loves Christmas Trees Candle 2020

It is fresh like pine trees, but has a lovely sweetness that will please those that like something a little more gourmand. And the packaging is really beautiful.

You can buy the Jo Loves Christmas Tree Candle at Space NK*.

Best Christmas Candles 2020 – Elemis

If you love the aroma of Elemis Frangipani range then you will adore the Frangipani Glow Candle.

Elemis Christmas Candle 2020

It features notes of Coconut, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla and as well as fragrancing your room, it also works to soothe, calm and uplift the spirit.  You can order it online now at Elemis* for £32. Also, there are still a few Elemis Advent Calendars left, so if you fancy one, you might need to get a wriggle on.

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  1. Great selection, but I also like to support the small independents who can offer great value. My favourites this year have been by Nui Naturals – would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful gift.

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