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Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection Review

21 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Well, this new Zoella Sweet Inspirations collection has sent my teenage daughters into a frenzy of happiness this week, and I have to say, it is rather lovely!

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection includes two bags, three bath products and three body products.
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection

If you’re a Zoella fan, you’re no doubt aware that Zoella’s second beauty launch is underway and this time it’s all based around a sweetly scented theme with retro, candy coloured packaging.

The first thing that’s included in the collection are the bags. The largest is a roomy wash bag, with one side pastel canvas stripes, one side a handy cream coloured PVC so you can place it on a counter without it getting soaked. It’s a practical, spacious bag and is perfect for the slightly older, more sophisticated Zoella fan because the branding is more subtle and grown up than any bag she’s done before. It’s also just the right size for travelling and yet folds up smaller for storage. I think it will be a big hit amongst Zoella’s older fans.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection - Bags
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection

The smaller bag is more the kind of thing that you might take on an evening out and use as a purse. In a perfectly pitched lilac shade, with a “life is sweet” quote and the ever important Zoella branding, it’s more aimed at her younger market and would be perfect for a prom. My thirteen year old nearly wept for joy when she saw it and it was her favourite piece of the whole collection.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection - Fragranced Body Mist
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection – Fragranced Body Mist

The first item in the body collection is the Sweet Inspirations fragranced body mist. The scent certainly lives up to its name being a very sweet, powdery vanilla smell. If you can imagine the smell of sugared almonds and sunshine captured in a bottle, that would be the scent.  I found it slightly sweet for everyday wear, but my daughters were both in raptures about it, so if you like sweet scents you’ll enjoy the sweetness and warmth of this.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection - Body Cream
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection – Body Cream

Next up is a body cream with the same lovely scent. It sinks in quickly and isn’t so heavily scented to be overpowering, it leaves a gentle trace of scent on the skin, but not more.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection - Body Fondant
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection – Body Fondant

The body fondant shimmer balm is an interesting product. There’s something about it that reminds me of Benefit bathina although this is a much, much more subtle version. However, the idea is the same- there’s a puff to apply it and you smooth it on to leave the slightest trace of the shimmer on the skin. Fortunately, given the market this is aimed at, this really is a subtle product; the final effect is just to leave the very, very slightest of golden sheens on the skin, which actually looks quite lovely and fresh.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection - Bath Products
Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection – Bath Products

Also included in the body collection are a bath and shower milk, some scented bath salt granules and a fragranced bath fizzer. I think Zoella really has the packaging spot on with these products and there was unanimous agreement from my daughters that the packaging of this collection really is a step up from her last one. They were particularly taken by the milk bottle style packaging of the bath and shower lotion with its rose gold cap and retro font and with the pyramid packaging of the bath salts. I’m also a great fan of the bath fizzer which resembles a family size chocolate bar and which you break into pieces and drop into the bath to make fizzing, fragrant water.

All in all I think this is a lovely collection for a younger age group, the scent and the packaging are perfectly pitched. Given the reception from my daughter and her friends who were cooing and gasping at it all,  I’m sure Zoella will have another huge hit on her hands.

Want to try the Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection for yourself? Find it to order online here whilst stocks last.

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  1. I’m dying to try some of these. Especially the bath milk! The packaging is adorable and the fizz bars, I hope they have colour. I’ve never use Zoella products before but they seem yummy-yummy-yummy!

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