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Yes To Coconut Range Review

29 Aug 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Hello again from Really Ree’s resident coconut addict! If you’re unfamiliar with the Yes To brand, it was started by two male best friends. Their goal was to create a natural beauty line inspired and made with fruits and vegetables. The idea was to create products that worked, were free from nasty ingredients and that didn’t cost the world to buy. The Yes To brand rocketed to success and is now available around the world in over 20,000 stores. The Yes To products are separated into different collections, where each collection is inspired by a different fruit or vegetable. Today, I’m reviewing some of the products from the Yes To Coconut range.

Yes To Coconut
Part of the Yes To Coconut Range

The Yes To Coconut range is created for very dry skin, infused with lots of different ingredients that your dry skin will love. The Yes To Coconut range is HUGE and there are many different products to choose from. There is everything from face masks, cleansers, lip balms, hand soaps, the list just goes on… Today I’m going to walk you through three different skincare products from the lovely coconut range.


Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes

Yes To Coconut Wipes
Yes To Coconut Wipes

I’m personally very careful with wipes that I use on my skin, so I’m always very skeptical of them, especially if you suffer with dry skin! The Yes To Coconut wipes come packaged in a cute brown wrapper and you flick up the seal to get out the wipes. You only get 25 wipes in a pack, but they are easily the largest face wipes I’ve ever used. The wipes are scented with coconut and they are really moisturising on the skin. They are made with Coconut Water and Kukui Nut Extract, designed to gently remove your makeup at the end of the day.

I personally recommend avoiding wipes wherever possible, but these would be great for travelling or as part as a double cleanse routine. I personally love using them to remove swatches from my hands when I’m reviewing makeup. They are created with 96% natural ingredients and they are free from petroleum, SLS and parabens. Yes To Coconut Wipes are £3.99 here.


Yes To Coconut Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturiser

Yes To Coconut Souffle Moisture
Yes To Coconut Souffle Moisturiser

The Coconut Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturiser comes in a handy little tub which you unscrew to reveal the product. This moisturiser is designed to be lightweight, but pack a punch with hydration. It’s designed to be applied liberally to the skin and it disappears in an instant. Again it’s scented with a lovely coconut scent, which reminds me of holidays and pina coladas. The moisturiser is made with Shea Butter (for its conditioning properties), Jojoba Seed Oil (for it’s softening properties) and Virgin Coconut Oil (for intense hydration). This is the kind of product that my oily skin would hate, but it works perfectly for my boyfriend who suffers with extreme dry skin on his cheeks. The Yes To Coconut Souffle Moisturiser is £12.99 here.


Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Crème Cleanser

Yes To Coconut Cleanser
Yes To Coconut Cleanser

Last but not least we have the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Crème Cleanser. This cleanser is created with virgin coconut oil (again for its hydration properties), chia seed oil and avocado oil. Yes To say that it’s perfect for removing makeup and impurities even on dry cracked skin. You simply apply the cleanser to the skin in circular motions and then remove with water. Again this cleanser is made with 96% natural ingredients and they are free from petroleum, SLS and parabens. The Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Cream Cleanser costs £7.99 here

Whilst I might not love these products as much as some of my more expensive products, they really do offer great value for money for the high street market. If you want a quick and easy skincare routine, for under £20, you should check these out!

Find the Yes To Coconut range online here


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One thought on “Yes To Coconut Range Review

  1. I’ve yet to try anything by the Yes To brand! That cleanser sounds pretty great. I have oily-ish skin, but I often find that cleansers for oily skin tend to dry me out because of their acne clearing properties/ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

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