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Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review

19 Apr 2015 (Updated: 25 Apr 2015)

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Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review by @thebeautyhype

Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review

If I close my eyes and squint I can just about remember what I looked like at 22. I was still pale, red haired and freckly of course, but I had the peachiest, plumpest, most unlined, glowing skin too- the kind that almost all 22 year olds have and sadly often don’t appreciate until it is long gone.

Despite taking a beauty addict’s approach to the care of the skin on my face, daily slathering it in various creams and serums and treating it as a gently as you might a baby, it never really occurred to me to take similar care of my neck until it was already too late.

Now, with a neck that my children generously describe as “crinkly” and with a texture that I would concede is definitely more wrinkled than radiant, I wish that I could go back and tell my 22 year old self to treat my neck as well as my face when it comes to skincare.

Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review

For those of us for whom 22 is a distant memory though, there is hope to recreate that kind of skin, in the form of Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil, an oil that claims to ‘return your skin to 22.”

How does it attempt to achieve this claim, and to ‘deliver the skin lipid profile of a 22 year old’ to your face and neck?

The oil, which is aimed at those of us with mature skin, fine lines and wrinkles includes a patented lipid complex called L22. L22 is designed to provide skin with essential fatty acids, restoring it to how it looked in its youth. Rich in anti-oxidants, the idea is that the skin is nourished and ‘plumped’ by the oil and that firmness is restored, whilst the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review

The oil itself comes in a dark bottle with a tiny dropper, similar to a medicine dropper and perfect for dispensing just the one or two drops that are all that are required to cover the whole of your face and neck. Unlike some of the other oils that I’ve tried, this oil is thick- a concentrated, viscous oil that has to be worked into the skin with your fingers, but which feels nourishing, luxurious and very hydrating once gently massaged in.

For several hours after using it, my skin felt softer, more supple and more comfortable.  After two day’s use for my trial, I didn’t notice an enormous difference in the texture of my face, however my neck was visibly less crepey. Importantly, I felt that the skin on my neck sprang back better when I gently pinched it, giving the appearance of being far better hydrated and perhaps a little younger (although, sadly, not yet by any means the skin of a 22 year old.) Given these kinds of results after only two days use, I intend to keep using the oil on my neck and hope to achieve more dramatic results after a longer trial.

As a result of its 98% natural ingredients and the fact that it is free from parabens, SLS and phthalates, the manufacturers claim that Yes to Blueberries Face & Neck Oil is suitable for all mature skin types, including sensitive. As someone with sensitive skin, I agree with this claim, I experienced no sensitivity whatsoever even after a liberal application, something which is quite unusual for me. I would suggest, however, that given how dense this oil is it might be more suitable for those with normal to dry skin than for those with skins at the oilier end of the spectrum.

Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil is available at Boots stores for £14.99y

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2 thoughts on “Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil Review

  1. I think you look pretty amazing to be honest, and your skin is already plumper than mine (and I’ve just turned 23)

    This sounds like a little skincare gem though, and maybe I should act now in terms of hydrating my neck, because I also tend to forget about it when embracing every serum and facial moisturiser I own. x

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