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XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe Review

27 Sep 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe
Well I absolutely love this stuff. It’s so easy to use, is really comfortable on my skin, absorbs nicely and gives me a beautiful natural glow in next to no time at all.
Now I am always fake-tanned but find that the colour on my face fades much more quickly than the colour on the rest of my body. So this Face Tanner is the perfect solution.
I have literally been slapping it on before bed a few nights a week, blending it away down my neck, and wake up with a lovely, natural looking olivey colour (note zero orange). Even if I feel exhausted, I don’t look it and I have needed much less makeup as it really does beautify the skin on its own.
It is a nice gel-cream consistency, which is very cooling on the skin. I have not been overly careful with it to be honest. I apply it with my fingers, as I would a normal moisturiser, brush it over my ears, and make sure it’s blended well into the neck (do the back of the neck as well). Then give my hands a quick wash. There have been no tanned palm disasters to speak of at all.
Because I’ve been using the XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe once a week tanner, and topping up with the XEN-TAN Transform Luxe Daily Tanner  a couple of days a week(look out for a post on this soon), the rest of me is tanned but my face colour fades more quickly, what with cleansing and toning and all that fun stuff. Once I have topped up my face with the Face Tanner, everything matches again.
I have also applied my usual moisturiser and eye cream on top, sometimes I leave it about 20 minutes for the tanning ingredients to take hold, and find the results just as effective. And when I’ve used it in the morning, I put make up on top, and before long when I check in the mirror, I can see that the colour has developed beautifully beneath my make up giving my skin a natural warm olive glow. Perfect!
Also, as a little tip, and as my hands tend to fade quicker too, I have been rubbing the excess into the tops of my hands and then just washing the palms. This again blends in beautifully with the rest of the tan on my body.
I would definitely recommend this one. It costs £18.95 and you can buy it here. You hardly need any, so it would last ages.
Do you use a different product to tan your face?
Can’t wait to hear from you
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2 thoughts on “XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe Review

  1. Wow! I will absolutely try this one. My face hates being covered with foundations and bronzing powders, so this is definitely a GO! By the way, the products are much cheaper at http://www.feelunique.com (also includes postage fee!). Looking forwards to getting my new tan on 😉 Thanks!

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