Whine With Ree - Cher Webb chats about Highlighter, Fragrance & Boobs!
By Ree

Whine With Ree – Cher Webb chats about Highlighter, Fragrance & Boobs!

11 May 2020

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While many of us are home and and feeling isolated from our friends and family, I have been trying to think of ways that we can all connect together. My new series for YouTube, Whine with Ree, is what I came up with.

Latest Episode – Cher Webb

In this eposide I chat to absolutely gorgeous makeup artist and content creator Cher Webb who I love! We chat about big boobs, rogue spots, not being able to live without highlighter and we get a behind the scenes look at Cher’s beauty room.

Amy Conway Pro Artist for Bobbi Brown

In this episode I have my lovely guest my lovely guest Amy Conway who is a long-serving Bobbi Brown Pro Artist and absolutely gorgeous. This video is packed with advice on wing liner if you can’t do it, easy smoky eyes, applying the perfect base with mininal makeup and much more. Also, Amy is pregnant so shares her fake wine recommendations and how her skin routine has changed.

Lorna Luxe & Kate

In this episode I chat to my friend, fashion influencer and style queen Lorna Luxe, and our friend and beauty junkie, Kate. I hope you enjoy all the girly chats.

Robin James (Man for Himself) & Pascale Banks (Style Mum)

In this eposide I chat with my lovely friends Pascale Banks and Robin James. Pascale is a fashion influencer and Robin is a fashion & groooming influencer. They are super cute and we have loads of fun.

Emma Guns

In this episode I chat to host of the podcast The Emma Guns show and we have a fab chat about surviving the new normal. Emma shares her tips on staying motivated for work and life whilst living and self-isolating alone. “If your brain is telling you you’re rubbish, it doesn’t mean it’s right”.

We have a real laugh – enjoy!!

Alex Steinherr, Vic Ceridono, Emma Hoareau

In this episode I chat to beauty gurus Alex Steinherr, Vic Ceridono and Emma Hoareau about life in isolation, future parties and never going home once we get out!!

Fleur de Force

In this episode, I chat to one of my oldest and loveliest blogging friends Fleur de Force. We have a lighthearted conversation about how life has changed and what Fleur has been up to. There are some top tips on tinting your eyebrows at home too!!

Danielle Peazer

In this episode I have dancer and influencer Danielle Peazer along with Clinique Beauty PRs extraordonaires Alexis Gilmore and Beth Atkins. We have lovely chats, talk about what to watch on Netflix and play Beth’s game of Two Truths One Lie. It is super fun.

Nam Vo Glow-Extraordinaire

Nam Vo is the glow goddess and is the queen of dewy glass skin. Nam is a makeup artist based in NYC and she invented the Dewy Dumplings hashtag that everyone wants to use.

Talking Immunity with Marie Reynolds

Today I want you to meet my lovely life, wellness and beauty guru Marie Reynolds. She is a bit of a white witch and so so clever! If you are looking for ways to boost immunity Marie has all the answers.

Scroll down for all the episodes.

The Idea

So the idea is that we have a ‘wine’ and a ‘whine’ and I have to say, so far it’s very positive and not much ‘whining at all!!’

It all started when I had a Zoom meeting planned with the gorgeous girls I work with and we all said we’d get dressed, do our makeup and bring a glass of wine to cheer us all up. It was such a wonderful moment of closeness and solidarity that really lifted our spirits.

In that meeting we were like, we should record this and share it!! So in our next get together, Whine with Ree was born – a little space to have a ‘wine’ and have a ‘whine’ in a bid to get things off your chest and lift each other up. Episode One with the girls was the first venture, but since then I have had Whine with Lisa Potter-Dixon, Emma Houreau, Michael Booker and I have loads more lined up.

I’ll add in all the new episodes in this post, as they go live.

Michael Booker

Michael is a PR guru and absolutely gorgeous human being. We talk about tips for taking care of mental health, Michael’s favourite candles, and staring in the fridge for hours on end. Also, check out Michael’s quick how to on the Houseparty app!

Emma Hoareau

Emma is my work wife and we (normally) go to lots of events together. In this episode, we chat about our favourite face masks, self motivational tips and more.

Lisa Potter-Dixon

Lisa is a brilliant makeup artist I have known pretty much since I started blogging. She is fun and full of life and recommends having a bath every day. Watch this for a good giggle.

Episode 1 and the Playlist

The thing with this new situation is that it isn’t personal and we really are ALL in it together. Sending love and smiles to everyone. I hope this series will make you feel better!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you find me on YouTube.



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  1. OK, now I saw your comment that it’s on purpose. I just thought that it was so positive, no whining at all. Have a wonderful day!

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