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When Pale Looks Perfect…Rooney Mara

4 Jan 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have been using fake tan for so many years that it is probably now part of my my genetic makeup. So you’ll understand that I think there aren’t many beauty dilemmas that a good application of a good tan can’t fix. Until I see someone like this…
Rooney Mara (image from www.instyle.co.uk)

This is actress Rooney Mara who I had never even heard of in my life until today (where have I been??!! Clearly not watching the Social Network or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). But oh my, her pale skin is perfection!

I think she looks absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere near her will ‘the faux’. She makes me dream of being all pure and natural and lovely. Thing is though, it still doesn’t motivate me to ‘can the tan’. 
You see, if I let my skin return to its natural colour (can’t quite remember exactly how pale that is) it really wouldn’t look like Miss Mara here. I am sure I’d be more blue than this gorgeous creamy colour, and there would probably be blotches and other yucky unevenness. So I’ll just dream on!!
Maybe we need a beauty product that is ‘fake pale’? What’s the solution? I wish I could pull off pale. And now I am just rambling!!
Do you love pale or are you a tan addict like me?

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4 thoughts on “When Pale Looks Perfect…Rooney Mara

  1. I’m a total whitey and I’m the same! Can the tan and you see red blotchy horrible skin! She has the same perfect creamy glow Dita Von Teese has!

  2. Some people just have great skin, don’t they? Whether they’re naturally pale or darker.

    In summer, I tan easily, I’m happy to help it along a touch and I feel fabulous.

    In winter I fade to ‘pale with a hint of yellow’. I don’t use fake tan in winter though as for some reason it feels weird to me to be tanned then so I just move over to a bolder blusher! x

  3. I like my pale skin when my skin is spot free, but when I break out I hate it cos I think spots are more noticeable on pale skins. I gernerally like pale day to day but I whack out the can of tan on nights out 🙂

  4. I am SUPER pale but sadly my legs are more corned beef than creamy. This is why I need someone to come and airbrush me with MAC Face & Body every day… !

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