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Vaseline Lip Therapy with a hint of Marmite

1 Apr 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Dry lips is a common problem which most of us have experienced at some point. And choosing a lip balm flavour to suit your personal taste is no mean feat (yes, we’re bored of Strawberry too). Well rest assured; the experts at Vaseline Lip Therapy have heard your cries…

Introducing: New Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite…

Following over a decade of in-depth research, it was clear the ‘yeast extract’ lip care market was not being catered for. So the lip experts at Vaseline and flavour junkies at Marmite have finally joined forces to create a mouthwatering new flavour.

Like Batman and Robin, cheese and pineapple, and, erm, Jedward….this is the partnership everyone’s been waiting for. Guaranteeing healthy looking lips and protection from the elements, Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite is also rich in B vitamins and 100% vegetarian.

More information on the limited edition Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite (RRP £1.99) will be available from 1st April exclusively on

Lauren Brooking, Vaseline Brand Manager said: “I am delighted to welcome Marmite to the UK’s much loved Vaseline Lip Therapy range. Love it or hate it I think the distinctive partnership will bring many benefits to lip balm users. Try it – you never know, you might just like it?”

David Titman, Marmite Brand Manager said: “We’re honoured to be helping the nation enjoy soft lips and Marmite kisses, however, we take no responsibility for the breakdown of relationships following the purchase of this product.”

Love it or hate it?


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