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Vampire Facial / Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment at 111 Harley Street Clinic Review Part 1

5 Jul 2013 (Updated: 15 Aug 2017)

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Today I had the much hyped Vampire facial or Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment by Dr Yannis Alexandrides at 111 Harley Street Clinic. I have to say that I was a tad scared beforehand as I had heard some horror stories, but now I am so pleased I had it done and very much looking forward to the results.
Vampire Facial / Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
The above picture was taken just after my processed and platelet rich blood had been injected back in to my face in approximately 100 injections. The actual injection part took about 15 minutes but let me start at the beginning.
I arrived, filled out a consultation form  and was very well looked after by the most delightful PR and Nurse. I had a consultation, and then a chat with Dr Yannis Alexandrides (who is so down to earth and lovely)  about what I was hoping to achieve and what areas I wanted to focus on.
We decided that my forehead is fine as it is, but that I’d like to improve the quality of the skin, in terms of texture and lines, on the rest of my face.
I had numbing cream applied to all the areas to be treated and was told that this would take 30 minutes to have full effect. While this happened it was time to take the blood. This was the bit that I wasn’t at all worried about, however, it seemed that my blood didn’t particularly want to come out today! Oh!
I think I spent just a touch too much time watching Dr Y trying to lure the blood from my veins and suddenly I got a bit hot and dizzy. This needed serious medical attention in the form of ….. biscuits! A bourbon, a custard cream and a glass of water soon did the trick and we all had a lovely chat whilst I got those down me!
Dr Y moved over to the other arm and everything was fine and dandy. Once the blood had been taken (about 20ml) it was taken off to be separated by a centrifugal device into plasma and platelets. Then the Platelet Rich Plasma portion of the blood was injected back into my face everywhere that had been numbed.
I have a fairly high pain threshold when it comes to beauty and I couldn’t really feel the first lot of injections  around my eyes at all. As he worked down my face I felt it a bit more, particularly on my cheekbones and temples, but it still wasn’t painful. I had the most discomfort around my mouth and chin, which did actually make me wince as it was quite a sting. It was bordering on real pain I suppose but as the hours go by post-treatment, I am leaning toward discomfort and the fact that it was at the end of the treatment and I was like ‘enough injections already!’. Dr Alexandrides said it was about 100 injections which is pretty hardcore I suppose.
As soon as it was over, the left over blood was massaged over the treated areas and it was then a case of discomfort, moving quickly to mild discomfort.
Vampire Facial / Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
The application of the brand new 111 Skin Biocellulose sheet mask (more news on that soon – launches in Harrods next week) was so soothing and nourishing that by the time I got home and changed, my skin was looking almost normal!
Vampire Facial / Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
I was  really surprised because I hid behind my sunglasses all the way home like I was a completely hideous sight without daring to look in the mirror. It is looking even calmer now and feels fine.
So the aim of the game is that PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment) or the Vampire Facial will stimulate cell regeneration, new blood vessel formation and collagen production. I am waiting for plumper and younger looking skin basically! Maximum results should be seen from about a month after treatment.
I am so pleased with how it has gone so far. Of course, I could wake up tomorrow black and blue – I will have to wait and see and report back then.
In all the excitement, I forgot to find out how much this treatment costs, but I am guessing it is £500 and up.
For information on the Vampire Facial, 111 Harley Street and Dr Yannis Alexandrides, visit To check out the 111 Skin range visit or Harrods (currently on sale). I am obsessed with the 111 Skin Y Theorum Serum – read my review HERE.
More Vampire news for you soon!
PR appointment
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2 thoughts on “Vampire Facial / Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment at 111 Harley Street Clinic Review Part 1

  1. Can’t wait for an update on how your skin is in a few weeks, I would love to try this treatment, I have seen some fabulous reviews. Jude xx @jadlgw

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