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Transformulas Wrinkle Defence Mask and Patch Kit Review

4 Oct 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Some of my twitter friends will know that I had a lovely lazy Sunday yesterday. I decided that the day would be largely dedicated to me! And me time generally boils down to a big old beautification sesh! Excellent!
So I had a lovely hot shower and did a super scrub to achieve a nice clean canvass for a good old dose of super dark fake tan (post on this one coming soon) and stuck a conditioning treatment on my hair.
And then for the best bit, a soooooper dooooooper anti ageing face mask. I went for the Transformulas Wrinkle Defence Mask and Patch Kit.
Transformulas say:

Wrinkle Defence is an innovative and advanced treatment kit that helps to revoke the stresses and strains of every day life that can so often reflect in your face. The revolutionary tissue-non-tissue base is soaked in a patented treatment ointment (not cream, and does not contain thickeners), and when applied the warmth of the skin allows the ointment to melt into the skin releasing clinically researched active botanical ingredients that helps to diminish fine lines & wrinkles, rejuvenate and revitalise the skin to look and feel youthful and restored.

The kit has one face mask and two under eye patches, all of which you have to physically place on. This is an actual mask mask, if you know what I mean?! Big tip here – warn your family. My son jumped out of my skin when he laid eyes on me. Don’t worry. I have spared you a photo. My son said I was frightening!

The mask is gauze soaked in the magic cream with plastic on the outer side to help heat the skin and aid the absorption process.

So I sat (alone) for forty minutes to let it do it’s magic. It’s probably best not to move around, as you don’t want it to flap off, and it also minimises the risk of people seeing you. When the time is up, you remove the bits and massage the excess product into the skin. Then you do all your normal stuff, cream, makeup, whatever you do.

Then you look at your skin. I have to say. I was very happy with the result. My skin was plumped, hydrated and the lines were softened! Especially the lines around my eyes which are the ones I stress about the most. Fab!

When I applied my makeup, it went on like a dream, and my lines were even less visible. Happy happy happy.

I am definitely going to buy this. It would be absolutely perfect for getting super beautiful for a big night out.

Now I did take a picture of my skin when I had finished the treatment. But I have been very unsure of whether I want to expose the completely un-enhanced, zero makeup version of me.

I have ummed and ahhhhed and decided just to go for it. Only because I love my blog and my readers. So here. Promise not to look too closely! Yikes!

Taken up close with a flash. Nowhere to hide!

I know it’s a horrid mugshot but I hope it demonstrates how hydrated my skins looks and how it has softened the lines. And if it doesn’t, then I have totally exposed my 36 year old face to the world for nothing!
And then with makeup. Had to show you this to make me feel better!!!

Praise be to the beauty god!

So what do you think?

Have you tried any Transformulas? For more information visit

I’m currently running a Transformulas giveaway. See here for details.

Can’t wait to hear from you


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