Too Faced London Store - Carnaby Street Coming Soon!
By Ree

Too Faced London Store – Carnaby Street!

16 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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I have some rather exciting news to share! There is going to be a Too Faced London Store in Carnaby Street! This will be the brand’s first ever free-standing store so it is pretty big news. I think they understand how obsessed we all are with Too Faced here in the UK.

Too Faced London Store - Carnaby Street!
Too Faced London Store – Carnaby Street!

Brand founder, Jerrod Blandino, shared in the news in a mini video on Instagram that featured the Too Faced London shopper bag. I have only ever seen Too Faced counters in Sephora in the US and Debenhams in the UK, so the thought of an entire shop filled with Too Faced fun completely blows my mind!! Imagine it – pink, sparkly and completely fabulous!! I am told that Jerrod will be coming to the UK to launch the Too Faced London Store. I am desperate to meet him and so cannot wait for that launch party!!

Too Faced London Store Shopper Bag Design

Too Faced London Store - Carnaby Street!
Too Faced London Store – Carnaby Street!

Carnaby Street is a great location for Too Faced’s first ever free-standing store and as I am in that area quite a lot, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now!! The launch date for the Too Faced London Store is set for January 2018 and I am hunting down more news for you and will update you as soon as I can. Promise! Stay tuned to my Instagram for all the latest news.

In terms of the newest launches from Too Faced here in the UK, we are eagerly awaiting the Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder, and also the Hangover 3 in 1 Priming and Setting Spray, both of which I love. The last word I had is that they are launching online on 17th August 2017, although this often changes. Make sure you stay tuned to the homepage to be kept completely up to date on those.

And as for the Too Faced London Store in Carnaby, I have been told that the official launch is set for January 2018.



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3 thoughts on “Too Faced London Store – Carnaby Street!

  1. I’m so excited for the opening of this shop! I feel like I simply must organise a shopping trip to London now!
    Seeing you managed to get the release date for the Born this Way setting powder I was wondering, have you found out more about the release date for the elusive Unicorn Survival Kit by any chance?
    Because that’s the one I’m totally lusting for (together with thousands of others I’m sure) 🙂

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