Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes Swatch
By Ree

Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes Swatch

6 Jul 2013 (Updated: 21 Mar 2019)

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I am just going to put this out there: If you want to splurge on one super gorgeous makeup item this summer then I really don’t think you’d regret making it Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes in Pink Haze. It is completely and deliciously incredible!
Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes
Oh my goodness! For me this is the visual interpretation of lushness!! As well as being absolutely beautiful to look at in the pot and on the lids, it is super easy to apply (swipe with the finger tip), is perfect on it’s own, and lasts really really well. Gorgeous eye makeup could not be more simple! Bonus is, you hardly need any at all.
Here is the tiniest bit popped on to my hand:
Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes
Beautiful!! I have worn this nearly everyday since I got it just with lashings of mascara and a tiny bit of liner and it is seriously making me neglect the rest of my makeup collection. It’s hard to resist though as it’s a case of guaranteed compliments and I am a sucker for those!
The Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes costs £28 (but it will last you forever) – find it HERE.
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6 thoughts on “Tom Ford Pink Haze Cream Color for Eyes Swatch

  1. oh wow that colour is gorgeous! i tried to find this kind of shade and opted for the rose gold colour tattoo from maybelline, but oh my this is so much nicer!
    and £28 doesnt seem too bad for tom ford! x

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