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thisworks deep sleep pillow spray…A Good Night’s Sleep In A Bottle?

1 Apr 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is; sleep promotes recovery and sets us up for the day ahead. However, sometimes sleep eludes us and we need a helping hand. Turning off your phone a good thirty minutes before bed, a warm milky drink, and a relaxing bath can all help, as will a pillow mist. I’ve got the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray to discuss today. Find it here

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray
thisworks deep sleep pillow spray Limited edition 200ml size

Long story short, I suffer from stress induced insomnia after a spell of sepsis five years ago. It had settled down but after a car crash in 2015 it came back. An average night for me is probably 4-5 hours of broken sleep. I’ve learnt to live with it but I don’t like the irritability and lack of energy that accompanies a lack of sleep so I will try anything that will help. I know thisworks has a good reputation so I was hopeful it would help.

The thisworks deep sleep pillow spray usually comes in a 75ml bottle, however there’s also a limited edition 200ml size. I love the packaging; the outer sleeve is a beautiful deep blue with metallic elements. The product itself comes in a classy white bottle, with foiled accents, perfect for subtly displaying on your bedside table. Containing lavender, chamomile and vetivert there is a classic scent which I would always associate with sleep inducing products.

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray
thisworks deep sleep pillow spray 75ml spray size

Directions for use are to spray on your pillow and bedding to promote a good night’s sleep. On the first night I only used a couple of sprays and didn’t really notice much of a difference, the next few nights I sprayed more of the product and sprayed my duvet cover as well as the pillow. As each night passed I noticed I was sleeping a little longer each night. Also, if I woke in the night I was settling back to sleep more quickly than I previously had.

I was impressed with this product. My husband was sceptical as to how efficient it would be as he knows how many things I’ve tried to help me sleep better, however he noticed a difference in my sleep. Also, as a result I noticed I had more energy during the day which led to me going for walks during my lunch break rather than just sitting in the staff room.

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray
thisworks deep sleep pillow spray choose sleep set

I was also sent a choose sleep pack by thisworks. This contains a 5ml spray of the deep sleep and a 5ml stress check breathe in roller. I love this little kit as it’s great for travelling and nights away, I could also keep the stress check in my handbag to apply to my wrists when required. I will keep using the spray and will repurchase when it runs out, although with a 200ml sized bottle that will take a while!

You can find thisworks deep sleep pillow spray to order online here

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One thought on “thisworks deep sleep pillow spray…A Good Night’s Sleep In A Bottle?

  1. I absolutely love this stuff, and I’ve been buying it for all my friends as birthday gifts too. It really does work, and is so helpful, and smells great too. I’ve tried a couple of other similar products and they’re not quite as good, I always come back to this one.

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