OUT NOW The Ordinary Concealer Review, Swatches, Before After Photos
By Ree

The Ordinary Concealer Review, Swatches, Before & After Photos

19 Jan 2021 (Updated: 22 Mar 2021)

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The Ordinary Foundation pretty much broke the internet, so I am expecting that when Deciem launch The Ordinary Concealer, it will do the very same thing!! I am obsessed with concealer, so I couldn’t be more excited! I have photos and swatches. Here’s what you need to know.

TO Concealer Outer Packaging
The Ordinary Concealer

Update 19th January 2021

It is available HERE* now.

The Ordinary Concealers are one hundred percent something to get excited about if you are into complexion and skin! They are super affordable so if you like using a range of shades, or mixing or matching, they definitely won’t break the bank.

But first, some details!

When is The Ordinary Concealer launching?

The launch date is 19th January 2021 at Deciem*, so it is available now!

The Ordinary Concealer

It is also available at Cult Beauty*.

How Much is The Ordinary Concealer?

  • The Concealer is available in 36 shades HERE*
  • 21 shades correspond directly to The Ordinary Colours’ foundation range
  • High-spreadability suspension system that offers very high, yet buildable, coverage with a real skin finish
  • Flexible formula that spreads and moves easily
  • Resists creasing and settling into lines
  • Suitable for concealing blemishes & for the under eye area
  • Available in a tube format with thin nozzle applicator
  • Price £4.90 | $5.80 CAD | $5.80 USD | €5.80 $10.80 AUS | $60 HKD | ₩6,700 HERE*
The Ordinary Concealer


For anyone interested, here’s a shot of the ingredients from the outer packaging:

The Ordinary Concealer Ingredients

The Ordinary Concealer Swatches

I currently have three light shades to share with you. Stay tuned for a chart of the full shade range coming soon.

Here are the swatches of 1.2Y, 1.2P and 2.oP:

TO Concealer tube labels

1.2Y, 1.2P, 2.0P The Ordinary Concealer shade swatches
1.2Y, 1.2P, 2.0P
The Ordinary Concealer Shades 1.2Y, 1.2P, 2.0P
The Ordinary Concealer Shades 1.2Y, 1.2P, 2.0P

The shades look pretty dark here, but they blend out a bit lighter on my skin. If the shades look darker than the corresponding foundations, this shouldn’t be a problem once they are applied. They have actually been formulated to be a tiny bit lighter than their corresponding foundations, as the majority of us like our concealers a bit lighter.

Shade range with darker shades of T O Concealer

Here is the full shade range and swatches:

The Ordinary Concealer Shade Range

Before & After Photos

Before Using The Ordinary Concealer

I ended up using both 1.2Y (more under the eyes) and a light layer of 2.0P over redness on the chin and around the nose. And then I used a mix of both just to even out areas on my cheeks, forehead and sides of my face.

After using The Ordinary Concealer in 1.2Y & 2.0P
After – The Ordinary Concealer in 1.2Y & 2.0P

Because this concealer has has a matte finish I prepped my skin with my glowiest moisturiser, Creme de La Mer. I applied the concealer a little bit like a foundation, using the small Real Techniques Setting brush* to lightly buff the two shades into my skin in a soft, circular motion. This is a light coverage all over, but you can easily build it up to very full coverage.

How to apply The Ordinary Concealer

My Review

Although I tend to prefer a concealer with more of a dewy finish, I actually really like this.

Questions about The Ordinary Concealer I received via Instagram

These are the main types of questions that came through. Please feel free as ask any more.

What is the finish like?

The concealer delivers a soft matte, natural looking finish. It is good for blurring enlarged pores. It is definitely matte. If you like glow, you may need to add that in, or choose a different concealer.

Ordinary Concealer High Coverage Formula
The Ordinary Concealer High Coverage Formula

What is the coverage like?

This is a high coverage concealer but it can be tailored to your needs depending on how you apply. A soft fluffy brush delivers a lighter, more diffused coverage, while applying it directly to the skin and pressing it in with the fingertip delivers more opaque coverage.

Is The Ordinary Concealer suitable for oily skin?

As this has a matte finish, I think it will work well on oily skin. I am only slightly combination now – lightly oily t-zone which is getting less as I age – and normal dehydrated everywhere else on my face.

Will The Ordinary Concealer work on dry, flaky skin?

As this is a matte finish, it may not work optimally on very dry skin. If you are slightly dry, use a rich moisturiser beforehand to balance things out.

How long does it last?

When I tested it (without setting it with powder), I wore it for about six hours and it held on well. There was a little wear on my nose where my reading glasses sit, and some creasing on the lids and a little bit on the undereye. This happens with a lot concealers that haven’t been set though.

Is it hydrating?

I wouldn’t say this is particularly hydrating but it isn’t drying either.

What is the texture like of The Ordinary Concealer?

The texture is creamy and velvety, and I found it very easy to blend with both my finger and a fluffy brush.

Does The Ordinary Concealer Oxidise?

I didn’t notice any colour change once the concealer was applied to my skin, although the product looks darker when it is squeezed out, to when it is applied to the skin.

Is it good for super pale skin and dark?

The shade range starts a point suitable for very fair skins. Although I haven’t seen any of the deeper shades, I am assured that darker tones are well catered for.

Does it crease?

I applied this in light layers, buffing it in, and decided not to set with powder, or wear any other makeup to see how it wore alone. After about 6 hours, it has held really well, with very slight creasy on my lids and even less under the eye. I imagine if I had done a full face of makeup with setting powder that creasing would have been even less of an issue.

Is The Ordinary Concealer  suitable for the under eye?

I think if you have very dry skin, or suffer with creasing in general, it may not be suitable for you. It worked very well for me, considering it has a matte finish. I recommend making sure the area is prepped with a richer product before application if you are concerned.

Does it cover dark circles?

Yes, I found this very effective on dark circles, and also redness and pigmentation.

How do The Ordinary Concealer undertones work?

The shade range is split into number categories:

  • 1 for fair to lighter tones
  • 2 for medium tones
  • 3 for dark/deep tones
  • 4 for deeper tones

The shades also come in different undertones indicated by the letter after the shade number:

  • P (pink) and R (red) – cool undertones
  • N – neutral undertones
  • Y (yellow) – warm undertones

Is it suitable for 40+ skin?

I am 46 and it works well for me. I think it depends more on your skin type. Please refer to the above questions on dry and oily skin types.

The Ordinary concealer is available in all 36 shades HERE* now. It is also available at Cult Beauty*.

What else is launching from The Ordinary in 2021?

You will notice that The Ordinary Concealer is launching in 36 shades. In order that the foundation shade range keeps up, Deciem will be adding 15 new shades to the foundations later on in 2021.

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Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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