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TAN A SAC – A Review! Tanned Sheets a Thing of the Past?

17 May 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Tan A Sac
Well this is quite a discovery for me!! A fake tan addict for many years, I have struggled with the tanned sheets issue may times.
And we all know that no matter how good a fake tan is, at some time or another, it will manage to sneak on to your sheets. So I was super excited to try Tan A Sac, a 100% cotton sleeping bag designed to protect your sheets whilst allowing a comfy night’s sleep. It also comes in a pretty little carry case.
Tan A Sac
“Tan a Sac is a cotton sleeping bag but what makes it so unique is the patent pending panels. These tuck under your mattress at both ends ensuring it remains in place and doesn’t tangle around your body during the night. This ensures you have a restful nights sleep, confident that your sheets will remain fully protected from your fake tan. There is also a top panel which folds back over your duvet to protect the bedding from your newly tanned arms.”
Check out this video to get a better idea of how it works…
So I have been trying it out and the verdict is…. it’s great!!
The long panels that tuck in under the mattress means it stays put, the other panel that folds over the duvet mean it’s fine to rest your arms outside of the covers and it’s very soft and comfortable. It totally protected my sheets and duvet from any tan, and when I washed it, it came up super white and dried really fast.
I am also thinking that it will be really good when the weather gets hotter and a duvet is too much, I may just sleep in this!!
I am quite still when I sleep (I think) – the odd toss and turn but nothing major,  so I don’t know what it would be like if you were one of those types that tosses and turns and generally flails around. But I believe that the panels are long enough to hold it in place fairly sturdily.
The Tan A Sac is available from The Tan Bar and is on offer for £19.99 (RRP £24.99) with free delivery.

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3 thoughts on “TAN A SAC – A Review! Tanned Sheets a Thing of the Past?

  1. Oh my gosh! I totally need this! Since I started using the Lauren’s Way tan my bed has been perminantly orange! I’m considering changing my room’s colour scheme otherwise… xxx

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I am super pale too. Without fake tan I am practically blue!!

    I am using the new tan from Lauren Goodger (TOWIE!!!!) It’s called Lauren’s Way.

    Mousse probably best if you struggle.

    If not have you tried gradual tans. Xen Tan’s Transforme Luxe id great and the Dove one is a brilliant budget option.


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