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Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum Review

17 Jun 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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At the end of the day who doesn’t want thick, lustrous, fabulous hair? I know I do. I am constantly searching for products that actually do what they claim. The problem with hair growth serums and vitamins is that most of the time it can take over 90 days to perceive a real difference which makes them slightly difficult to review.

Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum
Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum

I have recently undergone a hair epiphany. I chopped off a decent amount just last week and bought a tonne of pills, a new comb and some serums, all of which I am eager to put to use. This Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum is a solid member of this new hair team and I have to say the most attractive.

The hair serum which is suitable for both men and women, contains a unique Hair Growth Reactivator Complex. These are active ingredients that treat the hair both in the growth stages (anagen & catagen) as well as the resting phase (telogen). This means that hair loss is reduced and growth is stimulated in the resting hair follicles.

This serum genuinely looks like a luxe oil with a dropper application. The way to use it is to dispense the product in the hair where you deem necessary and then massage it into the scalp. Scalp massage is supposed to be great for encouraging new growth. So, if you’re looking for hair growth try massaging your scalp daily.

Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum
Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum

I struggled immensely with dispensing the product from the dropper onto my scalp. Each time I would always put too much on so instead of doing that, I dispense a few drops into my palms, rub them together and then massage it well into my scalp all around. I can’t say that I have noticed a lot more growth, but because of all the changes I have made recently my hair certainly feels healthier.

On top of this, and this is something I noticed pretty much immediately, it instantly feels thicker. There is a weight to it which I adore as it makes me feel like progress is being made.

I honestly enjoy using this product and find it really easy to use. The one disadvantage is that it can make your hair look greasy/wet if you use too much product. So, I would advise you to be careful where you place it. I am confident I will see some real results in the next couple of months. I am always sceptical of such “miracle” products that promise the earth but so far so good. Excited to see what my future hair will look like.

You can purchase the Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum here


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