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Superdrug’s New Beauty Card

10 May 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Now this is the thing I’ve been waiting for from Superdrug… and the wait is nearly over, because on May 11th the all new Beauty Card will be launched. Yay!! A definite treat for beauty lovers everywhere.
Superdrug Beauty Card
The Boots advantage cards has always been such a draw for me, and now I can have all the fun with Superdrug!! I love a rewards programme, in fact I bought my first ever digital camera with points, so this is extremely exciting news for me! And look it’s a mirror…

Superdrug Beauty Card
You will earn a point for every pound spent in store, and a hundred points earned is a pound to spend. There will be loads of bonus points offers for you to capitalise on including Rimmel, Olay, Nice ‘n Easy, Aussie, Pantene and much much more. Yay again!!
Another major plus point is that you can keep on earning points even while you are spending them. That’s definitely one up on the Boots Advantage card.
Visit for more information, launch date 11th May 2011.

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14 thoughts on “Superdrug’s New Beauty Card

  1. I am quite excited because sometimes Superdrug does have better deals, but I’m disappointed you only get 1 point per pound. You get 4 from boots. Maybe I’m biased because I used to work for Boots! xxx

  2. I love the idea but 1 point per pound?? 🙁 That’s £100 spent to just get £1 off. That’s not going to get you much back unless you spends thousands in there each year. I’m disappointed in Superdrug 🙁

    The bonus points deals better be awesome! xx

  3. Went in yesterday and the bonus points on some of the products were huge. Easy to get £5 in points if you buy the right products. Definitely going to be shopping there as will get loads more points than my Boots card.

  4. I think it sucks that you only get 1 point when u spend a pound and have to get a 100 points to get a pound off!!!!!! But today i was reading The Sun paper and it said every pound you spend you get(10)points and 100 points get you a pound off!!!we need to get things right and i think the 10 points a pound is more fair boots same better if your only giving a pound off for 100points superdrug!!!

  5. I think it’s good in theory, but 1 point per pound is pretty paltry, for me anyway – my average spend in there is fairly low! I also HATE the mirrored surface, its more of a magnet for smears than a touchscreen phone and I’ve only used it about twice!!

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