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Sue Marsh – The London Lash Queen

24 Apr 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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This is Sue Marsh, the London Lash Queen. I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman last week and Oh My Goodness! I love her! She is one seriously charismatic and fascinating woman.
Sue Marsh – The London Lash Queen
This is what Sue looks like when she is ready for action, transforming ordinary, boring lashes into some amazing show stopping lashes!! This was taken just before my Root Lift and Colour Boost. You can see a photo of my results at the end of this post.

Now having loved (for about 3 months) and lost lash extensions (along with most of my natural lashes) over a year ago, I felt in super safe hands when Sue explained her philosophy on all things lashes.
Although much of Sue’s business is comprised of lash extension application, she positively discourages long term use of lash extensions and really only advises them for special occasion use. Often she talks people into the Root Lift – the treatment I received. 
Sue is developing her own range of extensions but even has a warning on the box emphasising the point that they are not intended for long term use, which can lead to serious deterioration of natural lashes. This is an industry first a pretty refreshing approach within an industry that it pretty much in denial.
I say call it an industry in denial because I know very few people who have come out of the other end of a lash extension experience with a smile on their face. I know I was nearer to tears than smiles – you can read about that here. I thought it was just me but have heard many similar stories since.
It’s denial because I find that different companies tend to say that their lash extensions won’t make your lashes fall out, and they blame bad practice from other technicians,  but I truly believe that all false lashes glued to your own, natural ones will weaken and damage them significantly.
Sue Marsh believes that people actually become addicted to lash extensions and then get to the point that they can’t accept themselves with just their natural (probably deteriorated) lashes and actually need some kind of lash rehab! 
In fact she hilariously, if somewhat controversially, refers to lash extensions as eye crack! Sue likens coming off of lashes to coming off of drugs, and that addicts need an equivalent of methadone to help them adjust to pre-addiction life.
With Sue, this comes in the form of a web which is applied to the lashes where you can still apply mascara and it breaks down as your natural lashes grow back. 
Sue gave me some guidelines for people thinking about using lash extensions for a special occasion:
  • Lash extensions are not a permanent replacement for makeup
  • Consider that the heavier the lashes, the more damaging they will be
  • Never dictate to the technician what you, let them suggest what is best for you
  • You must use a lash strengthener if you have extensions
  • A set of lashes should be top and bottom

I was going to talk more about the treatment that I had with Sue Marsh, which was a Root Lift and Colour Boost. But it is so amazing that is really does deserve a post of its own, with all the before and after photos, so pleased stay tuned for that. 
I am also starting a lash growth programme exclusive to Sue Marsh called MyLash but I shall tell you all about that next time too. 
For now, check out my amazing NATURAL lashes that are easily as impressive as a full set of extensions. This is with no mascara at all!
Lash Lift and Colour Boost from Sue Marsh
You have no idea how much I love them! They look this pretty first thing in the morning too – as long as I concentrate on just my eyes! The Root Lift and Colour Boost costs  £140 and lasts 6-8 weeks.
To find out more about Sue Marsh and what she can do call  07880811647
I’ll be back with more lash news very soon!!
Have you ever had extensions? What’s your story? Please do share because I think it’s a truly fascinating subject.

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3 thoughts on “Sue Marsh – The London Lash Queen

  1. I’ve been having eyelash extentions for around three months now. I work in a hairdressers that has a beauty clinic inside it. I have in fills between 2 and 4 weeks depending when I can fit it in. I have not experienced any loss of my natural lashes at all. Your natural lashes shed every four weeks and I only feel ‘bald’ when my extentions are sparse but not my natural, when my extentions are over due I just apply a mascara and my natural lashes blend perfectly. I never tell her what to do I just tell her I like the fake look when it comes lashes and she does what she thinks best. I always see the same person. I’ve seen her certificates from the best eyelash extentions companies and she regular training on them. I follow all the advice she gives me on looking after them religiously and I don’t experience any problems. I think the problem is many people performing this service aren’t professionally training and using cheap alternatives when it comes to products which I’ve experience in the past and I think this is where the problem with eyelash extentions stems from.

  2. The maxim – all things in moderation, is a good one and this also applies to eyelash extensions.

    The simple truth is that, eyelash extensions properly applied and matched with the clients own lashes will not cause damage or harm to natural lashes. It is true that on some occasions over use of anything is bad – that could be alcohol, fatty foods, etc. but all the evidence shows that proper application of eyelash extensions does not cause damage to the natural lash.

    That said, the really heavy look will cause lashes to drop earlier and no one should be surprised by that. To suggest that you will lose your natural lashes and to scare people that technicians comment that the reason for this, is bad application is both wrong and right! In my experience what makes the assertion right is that salons that provide a set of lashes for £25 will either be ‘express lashes’ or badly applied lashes with too much adhesive and stickies….. yuk!

    What makes the assertion wrong is, I have had ‘professionally’ applied lash extensions for 7 years and my natural lashes have suffered no damage. I have though seen many ladies who have had a set of lashes less professionally applied. That will cause lash loss as they are usually over glued, stuck together and applied without care. Yes, some clients want that very full heavy look but in my experience most clients want a full natural look – using finer lashes to give fullness and a great curl and in 6 years of business we have never had a client who has lost natural lashes prematurely, because we don’t provide a lash treatment that will be detrimental to the client’s natural lashes.

    Those that criticise the use of eyelash extensions consistently fail to mention the natural lash cycle. We have more lashes than we think we have and these are replenished naturally, roughly every 90 days….. so the lashes you have now will have dropped within 3 months – we only notice that when we get a natural lash in our eye – which is a real pain! Applying a very heavy set of lashes might mean, that lashes which would have dropped maybe next week might drop this week. Using finer lashes or real mink fur lashes can prevent this.

    It is also suggested by some that a full set of extensions means both upper and lower lashes. We would never perusade a client to do that – because we know that lower lash application shows they do not last as long.

    It’s simple really – apply a set of lashes which naturally augments your clients lashes, beautify them – create that luscious look – DEFEAT the scaremongers.

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