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Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation Review with Photos

16 Sep 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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The new Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation has been quite a surprise to me because I didn’t think I’d love it but I do!. Astalift is a skincare brand born from multinational photographic film experts and manufacturers Fujifilm.
Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation
Studies have revealed that film is actually very similar to skin in that it contains collagen and also suffers from oxidization, and Fujifilm put all this knowledge into the creation of anti-ageing products from Astalift.
For the latest launch from Astalift, and it’s first makeup product – Light Analysing Moisture Foundation – the brand draws on even more of its film expertise in light and colour. It is really rather genius! It has been formulated to recognise and reflect colour by warming up skin tones to ensure that the complexion looks consistently smooth and natural in any light.
I have used it quite a lot now, mainly because I really like it, but also to test how how it looks on different days in different lights. I can confidently say that I have been pleased with it every time I have taken a picture of it. My skin has generally looked rather flawless, very glowy but also very natural. What do you think?
Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation
The foundation stays looking great in different lights using Astalift’s Light Absorbing technology which helps to illuminate the skin whilst absorbing and reflecting light. The formula also contains SPF 25 broad spectrum protection and various types of Collagen that work together to help retain moisture, firmness and elasticity.
It gives a medium, buildable coverage with a semi-matte/velvet yet extremely luminous finish that makes my skin look healthy and radiant. It also lasts pretty much all day which is such a result.
My perfect shade is Sand – it also in Ivory, Sunny Beige, Rose Beige, Honey Beige and Caramel, making 6 shades in total.
Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation costs £29 and is available at Feel Unique.
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3 thoughts on “Astalift Light Analysing Moisture Foundation Review with Photos

  1. I bought it last week – it is really very very good. I am nearly 64 and I have reasonable skin, but lots of little blotchy bits and of course, fine lines, but this foundation really made them all sort of disappear… and evened out my skin in such a way, that I still have to keep looking in the mirror to make sure I haven’t imagined it! I have tried all the high-end foundations, but this one is the best by far…….in a different league, actually.

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