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Sleep Rollers Review

17 Nov 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I really like these Sleep In Rollers. I have been using them in place of traditional velcro rollers because they are so light and comfortable, really easy to put in and I’ve found they are secured with a little pinch rather than having to use clips! Perfect!
Sleep Rollers Review
I haven’t reviewed them yet because I hadn’t actually managed to test them out whilst sleeping, which is kind of the point! 
You see, I am the most ridiculous insomniac (far too much going on in my head!) and I have to say that I believe that no matter how comfortable these rollers are, having big pink squishy things attached to my head is the last thing I need in my quest for ever-elusive sleep!
But I decided to give it a go in the name of beauty! Before bed I popped in all 20 rollers – really easy to do -and then prayed for a coma-like sleep to get me through the night.

Sleep Rollers Review
It wasn’t long before I knew that all 20 rollers were not going to work. They weren’t uncomfortable as such, but tickled my ears a bit and pulled slightly as I moved, and being such a light sleeper, it was just too distracting.
Slowly I removed them from the bottom up until I had only 5 left in the top. As I don’t lean on the top of my head, this was perfectly comfortable and I was set for the night. This morning I took them out and got this:
Sleep Rollers Review
I have to say, considering this is just 5 lonely rollers in the top, this is really pretty good I think. My hair was freshly washed before hand and left to dry naturally – under these circumstances my hair would normally be a kinky mess the next morning! Not this smooth, volumised look with lift at the root.
Next time I will use a hair prep (probably mousse) for even better results and only use them in the top to start off with, to save all the faff! 
As an aside, the rollers are perfect to use while you are awake. They are light, don’t pull on the roots and I can leave them in while I work or watch TV and they are comfortable enough to rest my head on the sofa. I can’t do that with traditional rollers.
To get more of a heated roller effect, I gently heat them with my BaByliss Boutique Hairdryer and then let them completely cool before taking them out.
I think they are really good value for money. £16.50 for 20 rollers from and, by the way, I know people that can actually sleep with a full head of rollers, sadly I am not one of them!
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One thought on “Sleep Rollers Review

  1. These are great for that salon blowdry look (if you manage to sleep all night in the full set) I reviewed them a few months back and would say that if you aren’t that great at blowdrying your own hair then these are perfect. I found I can achieve the same results blowdrying my hair – but then I am a hairdresser 🙂

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