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Skin Republic Masks Review

26 May 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Sheet masks are the future. An innovative creation from Korea which has recently hit our shores, you need to embrace them if you haven’t already. I first discovered a sheet mask in a beauty box subscription I received, and it was revolutionary. I was hooked, but the problem was the sheet mask I had tried was really expensive. I tried a drug-store, own brand sheet mask but the quality of the mask and the product on it was just not the same. I thought that an affordable, quality mask was just not going to be attainable for me again… until I tried the Skin Republic sheet mask range.

Skin republic masks
Skin Republic Masks Range

So who are Skin Republic? 

Set up in 2010 by Stuart and Tim Wilson (father and son), this is a family run business who really know their stuff; both have many years of skincare experience. Skin Republic offer a top to toe range of masks which cater for all concerns, from anti-ageing, spots, to dry feet and hands and which are hypo-allergenic.

Skin Republic Masks: The range:

I’ve tested the whole range (except the Vitamin C Mask) and I am really impressed. Firstly, by the quality of the masks – these feel like they are made of material, rather than the papery type sheet I had previously tried. 

The face masks are so easy to apply, you take them out of the foil packet and unfold the mask and pop on to your face. The holes for your eyes, nose and mouth guide you as to where to put the mask. Then you just smooth it on. The product, which has a serum type consistency, ensures they apply like a second skin to your face. Then you just lie back and relax with the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Finally,  you simply remove the mask then massage the remaining serum into your skin. Your face will be left silky soft and smooth, not at all sticky or tacky.

Skin Republic Masks- face

Skin Republic masks for the face:

  • Collagen Infusion mask – this is a great one for anti-ageing.
  • Caviar + CoQ10 mask– nourishing & hydrating for damage and redness.
  • Brightening Vitamin C mask – brightens dull & tired skin.
  • Spots and Blemish maskwith teatree and salicylic acid to help clear spots.
  • Collagen Hydrogel under eye patches– see below
Skin Republic Masks
Skin Republic Masks – Collagen Hydrogel under eye patches

If you want to treat those fine lines, dark circles and puffy under eyes, you have to try out the Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patches. Specially shaped and made to fit under your eyes, they give a concentrated dose of anti-ageing serum to this delicate area. What I liked about these patches was although it took me a few attempts to get them positioned right, the patches didn’t dry out or lose their stick-ability. These are not at all uncomfortable to wear and there is no tugging at your skin when you take them off. 

Skin Republic Masks For Hands:

Skin Republic hand repair mask
Skin Republic Masks-  Hand Repair Mask
  • Hand repair mask

This mask is in the form of gloves, which have a double layer. You slip your hands in to the inner layer and leave them on for 20 minutes. The only thing I would say is these are a one size fits all, so I found the gloves really large and I had to close off the wrist end with a hair band. There is not as much serum in the gloves as the face masks so I was dubious about how much product there would be to soften my dry hands, but there was enough. My hands were left super soft and actually younger looking! Find the hand mask here

Skin Republic Masks For Feet:

  • Foot Repair mask

The foot masks are foot shaped bags. Again they have a double layer and your foot goes in to the inner layer. These are also a one size fits all but probably because I didn’t move my feet around as much as I did my hands, I was able to sit with my feet soaking up the shea butter, ginkgo biloba, green tea, peppermint and seaweed of the Foot Repair mask quite happily. After 20 minutes I took off the booties to reveal lovely, soft, smooth feet. 

  • Foot Peel mask
Skin Republic Foot Peel Before & After
Skin Republic Foot Peel Before & After

If you have really hard, dry skin and your feet need some serious attention, then the foot peel mask is the one for you. The mask contains 15 plant extracts to give your feet an intense, hydrating soak. Acids work with the plant extracts to remove calluses and dead skin after 7 days. You need to wear the serum soaked booties for 90-120 minutes, so get Netflix ready and lie back and let the mask work its magic. 

My daughter tested this mask because she has what we lovingly refer to as Beauty and the Beast feet. One of her feet is ok, not too dry, but the other is a beast. This foot peel worked so well and, true to it’s claim, the skin started to peel off 7 days after using the mask. I have never seen my daughter’s feet so moisturised, smooth and baby soft. We’ve re-named them Princess Feet!

You can find the whole Skin Republic Mask range here. The hand mask is here and the foot peel is here

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  1. I love reading face mask reviews, especially sheet masks! I’m dying to get some but it’s so hard to choose something that wouldn’t irritate my skin… Would love to try this one though. The hands one are a bit strange though!

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