Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask Review - For Dry Skin
By Ree

Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask Review

26 Oct 2019

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Sisley are famous for their masks, so I was very excited to try the newest addition to the collection. Check out the brand new Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron Flowers for intense night repair and relief for dry skin.

Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask
Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

I am a big fan of the Black Rose Mask and also the Express Flower Gel Mask. In fact once I had Black Rose in my travel beauty bag and security tried to take it from me because it wouldn’t fit it my clear bag! Rather than give it up, I actually went all the way back to desk-side and bought a travel bag that I could check in on the flight. Anyway…!

What is Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask For?

This is a  protective mask that helps dry skin repair and regenerate itself at night. This isn’t just about genetically dry skin, but also skin that’s suffering from the effects of seasonal change and other environmental factors.

Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

The night time is when skin begins its repair process and certain changes occur to enable this. For example, the rate of cell division increases to stimulate repair, microcirculation amps up, and sebum secretion reduces. All of this means that the skin is able to absorb active ingredients more efficiently. The Velvet Sleeping Mask has been formulated to boost the natural repair process.

It uses:

  • Extract of Saffron flowers – releases its positive effects throughout the night to bring the skin absolute comfort
  • Notes of honey and orange flowers (100% naturally derived) delicately scent the skin and soothe the senses
  • Macadamia oil, Cottonseed oil, Kokum butter and Japanese Lilyturf extracts immediately nourish the skin and restore suppleness and softness
  • Plant-based Glycerin and Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrates the skin and minimes night time water loss
  • Padina pavonica extract replenishes the deep water reserves for long lasting hydration
  • Shea butter and Thyme Honey (a new Sisley active ingredient) conditions and strengthens the skin and makes it more resilient
  • Can be used up to twice per week instead of your regular skincare to restore barrier function

My Review – Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

I have been absolutely loving this mask especially with the change of season. It is so soothing and calming, and literally feels like a cocoon of comfort cushioning my skin.

It has a lovely thick, creamy texture that feels nuturing but not heavy on the skin. I love it as a really simple one step night routine after cleansing, to ensure I wake up with calm, hydrated, plumped skin, with minimal effort.

The Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask is also excellent as a prep mask for makeup. I tried it this way by applying a thick layer, leaving it on for fifteen or so minutes, and then tissuing off the excess. It creates the perfect canvas for glowy, smooth makeup.

Where to buy it

Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask
Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

The Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask is £93 and available at:

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3 thoughts on “Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask Review

  1. Thank you for the review. I would love to try this product. A little bit expensive but …. you really convinced me hehe..just joking!. I will buy one for myself and my daughter.

  2. I bought this mask on your recommendation from John Lewis as it was reduced. I’ve only used it once but I’m impressed, My skin looked much improved in the morning and although expensive I think it’s very effective.

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