Sisley So Volume Mascara Review and Photos - OUT NOW
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Sisley So Volume Mascara Review – Before & After Photos

1 Feb 2019 (Updated: 12 Oct 2019)

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I have a bit of a new mascara love and it’s the brand new Sisley So Volume Mascara which is all about giving the over-sized lash effect. Here’s what you need to know along with before and after photos.

Sisley So Volume Mascara
Sisley So Volume Mascara

Available HERE now!

I just realised that I have never tried a Sisley mascara before and now I am thinking that I should have because this one is really good!

Sisley So Volume Mascara Features

  • Combines 2 types of volumising agents – Polymeric microbeads & Silica microspheres
  • Thickens lashes, & gives instant, uniform volume from root to tip
  • A Carnauba wax film produces a curled effect
  • 2 curling and fixing agents – 1st deposits a supple film  to coat & curl, 2nd deposits a more rigid film to maintain curled lashes both immediately & long-term
  • Beeswax protects lashes and helps to separate them
  • Uses a cocktail of beneficial ingredients for improved lashes after 4 weeks of use
  • The maxi brush has rigid fibres to separate lashes for a clump-free, flake-free finish
  • Fast drying formula
  • 3 shades – Deep Black, Deep Blue, Deep Brown
Sisley So Volume Mascara
Sisley So Volume Mascara

Sisley So Volume Mascara Active Ingredients

There are three care actions happening within this formula which combine to strengthen, densify and revitalise the lashes.

For protection & strength:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 gives body and volume
  • Extract of Japanese Cherry blossom softens
  • Castor oil strengthens & densifies

For denser lashes:

  • Vitamin peptide formed of three amino acids & hair loss reducing Vitamin H binds to the lash
  • The peptide stimulates the multiplication of keratinocytes in the lash root to increase thickness & length
  • Helps to boost their anchorage, preventing eyelash loss during make-up removal
  • Features a Ceramide-like active ingredient & cotton proteins strengthen lipid & protein structure for increased density

For revitalised lashes:

Arginine promotes follicle growth to revitalise lashes

Sisley So Volume Mascara
Sisley So Volume Mascara

Before & After

It really was love at first swipe with this mascara. My lashes are in pretty good shape at the moment because I have been testing a new lash serum from L’Oreal (ad), but that aside, this mascara does truly wonderful things. I used it on a shoot recently and everyone was so impressed.

Sisley So Volume Mascara
Sisley So Volume Mascara

This mascara really performs. Not only does it add huge amounts of volume very quickly, it really elongates and curls the lashes too. For someone with very straight lashes and a fear of eyelash curlers, the curl is very important. This formula really lifts and curls the lashes and keeps them there all day. This isn’t water resistant, which means it’s really easy to remove too.

The Sisley So Volume Mascara is available HERE now!

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One thought on “Sisley So Volume Mascara Review – Before & After Photos

  1. This mascara looks very good on you. I will try this as well. I know Sisley is a very posh
    product, but if my lashes look like yours, i´d very happy 🙂

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