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Simple Perfecting BB Cream Review, Swatch, Before & After Photos

1 Apr 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I was keen to give this BB cream from Simple a go because I have tried a few pricey ones and wanted to see how a more affordable brand like Simple would fare in the BB stakes. Here’s how I got on.
Simple Perfecting BB Cream Review
Now the Simple BB cream comes in just one shade which is said to be universal. It also contains SPF15 plus pro-vitamins B3, E and A plus Bisabolol, Ginger Root Extract, Sweet Almond Oil & Sunflower Seed Oil. Here’s the swatch:

Simple Perfecting BB Cream Review – Swatch
It looks quite orangey which is a bit scary, especially as it first goes on to the skin. I was really worried that my whole face would be peach. Once I worked it in for a bit, it started to look a lot better and blended with my skin tone more, although it did warm it up significantly. I’ll let you have a look at the before and after photos.
Before applying Simple BB Cream:
Simple Perfecting BB Cream Review – Before
After applying Simple BB Cream:
Simple Perfecting BB Cream Review – After
It certainly does even out my skin tone but it has taken me a couple of shades darker which, to be fair, I don’t actually dislike, as my face is rather pale at the moment. On this count though, I don’t think this will be suitable for fairer skin tones who want a true match.
The coverage is good, and very buildable and I like the way it has covered up the redness in my skin and also gone some way to blur my enlarged pores. It is really rather moisturising and the light reflective particles do make the skin look fairly sheeny. I have worn it alone for a whole day at home not doing much, but I think if I was out and about I’d want to powder it to set it.
This isn’t the best BB cream I have tried but then it is one of the cheapest. I think it is pretty good for £8.99 particularly if you have a warmer skin tone and want something quite moisturising. It is a little light on SPF for me, being only a 15, another thing that doesn’t make it that great for fair skins.
Simple Perfecting BB Cream is available now at Boots where there’s a 3-for-2 offer on Simple Skincare at the moment.
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