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Simple Micellar Wipes & A Rant about Snobbery in Skincare

7 Jun 2015 (Updated: 4 Aug 2015)

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Cleansing with Micellar Waters has been a big thing in beauty for quite a while now. French skincare brand Bioderma started the buzz and there was huge celebration when it reached UK shores. Many brands, both luxury and high street, have followed suit and the newest wave is the launch of wipes that use the Micellar technology. The ones I have been having a little play with are the new Simple Micellar Wipes.

Simple Micellar Wipes

Are Wipes Evil?

Now, mentioning wipes in the beauty industry can be a little bit like swearing. When makeup removing wipes were first big in the UK, we all loved them. I remember always buying the No7 ones that claimed to be intelligent, and I couldn’t believe how quick and easy they made cleansing. Before that, I was in the “cleanse with cream on cotton wool, then tone with toner on cotton wool” army and wipes were a revelation.

Somewhere between then and now, wipes have become the enemy in skincare. I have even heard people say that it’s better to sleep in your makeup than use a wipe to take it off before bed. I haven’t used wipes to cleanse for years and am a huge believer in at least a double cleanse, to get my skin truly clean and make it possible for all my serums and moisturisers to be as effective as possible.

But to be fair, I really don’t think that using a wipe to remove makeup can be worse than not cleansing at all. Maybe just using one wipe? But if you use a few wipes to make sure you are getting the makeup off, and not just smearing all the dirt around your face, surely that is OK?

I am not suggesting that we should always cleanse with wipes, or Micellar Water for that matter, but every now and again for convenience really isn’t going to kill you.

Holly Willhougby Uses Wipes!


I actually started thinking about wipes after attending a Garnier event with Holly Willoughby in May. She was asked about how she keeps her complexion so glowing and fresh and she simply said she uses wipes to cleanse and then she moisturises. Surrounded by beauty editors, I could almost feel a wave of pity go through the room. Wipes?! Oh dear… Does she not know?

I must confess, I am so caught up in the beauty industry that I actually did almost feel sorry for her. What about double cleansing? Poor girl. But afterwards it got me thinking. Her skin is amazing, I mean absolutely beautiful, and she honestly couldn’t give 2 hoots about all the things we are supposed to do to keep our skin glowing and gorgeous. She cleanses with wipes and she uses a moisturiser.

I started to think, good for her! She looks amazing, she manages to juggle a hugely successful career and young children, and what she is doing is working for her. Who am I to feel sorry for her because she uses wipes?

I realised how ridiculous it has all become.

Snobbery In Skincare!


So I have taken wipes off my black list. I am bored of all the snobbery in skincare. I know people that have about 75 (exaggeration is my favourite) extra steps in their skincare routine and their skin looks nowhere near as good as Holly Willoughby with her wipes and moisturiser. I guess she probably has good genes to thank for that, but I think the key is, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

You just have to find something that works for you, and forget all the noise that often seems to indicate you are not a fully fledged woman if you don’t triple cleanse, use an acid, then a serum, then an oil then a blah blah blah. 

This is a bit rich coming from me because I am obsessed with extra steps. I am all about the blah blah blah. If I can add in a ‘pre-cleanse’, or a ‘post serum’, or a ‘between anything’ step, I will! But this is mainly because I love the ritual of skincare. It’s like play time for me!

But I must confess, sometimes I do too much to my skin and it gets angry. Then I have to go back to basics – a good cleanse and a bit of moisturiser, and everything calms down again.

It’s slightly different for me because trying new things is my job, but for people just wanting nice skin, like Holly, you just have to find something that works for you, even if it is wipes and moisturiser, and forget about all the rest.

Anyway, how did I get here? Oh yes… the Simple Micellar Wipes. I think what I am trying to say is that it is OK to use wipes every now and then to cleanse, or at least as one of cleansing steps within your regime. But, of course, there are good wipes and bad wipes.

I wouldn’t put a baby wipe anywhere near my face. They are literally full of detergents and surfactants that will strip my skin of moisture and leave it pretty uncomfortable and unhappy. But there are some wipes that I would use. I like the Ole Henriksen ones if I am only using wipes, as I think they deliver a pretty decent cleanse. They are pricey, so I save them for times when wipes are all that can happen, like on a plane, or a hand luggage only trip.

Simple Micellar Wipes Review


I think that products like the Simple Micellar Wipes are great for covenience and as part of your cleansing routine (pre- or post-cleanse). They are certainly better than waking up with a full face of makeup. It is basically like using a Micellar water on a cotton pad – they are cloths pre-soaked with Simple’s Micellar solution that boasts micelles that lift off makeup without the need to rub and scrub. It also uses triple purified water and Vitamins B & E to soften and moisturise.

They feel very gentle, lift away makeup and don’t make my skin feel tight. When I do my proper cleanse afterwards with a cream or an oil, minimal makeup comes off on my cleansing cloth which makes the job of cleansing a whole lot easier.

No-one Died!

I have also used them at night, sitting in bed, to take off all my makeup and no-one died! I wouldn’t do it every night, but they are absolutely great for when I am completely exhausted and it’s all I can manage. It is 100% better than sleeping with my makeup on and they leave my skin calm. Plus, like I said, NO-ONE DIED!

So if you’re looking for a nice convenient cleansing solution or to add an extra step into your cleanse, then the Simple Micellar Wipes are a good, affordable option. I think if you want to use wipes, then Micellar is definitely the way to go.

Simple Micellar Wipes are £3.99 but currently on offer at Superdrug for £1.99. Time to gather your festival essentials?

And my last word on this…just do what works for you, and what makes you happy, and forget about the rest. Life is too short to feel guilty about skincare…



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5 thoughts on “Simple Micellar Wipes & A Rant about Snobbery in Skincare

  1. Oh my god, so funny you just posted this as I was packing face wipes into my hospital bag! During pregnancy I have used loads more micellar water and wipe off cleansers than usual and imagine I’ll be using them even more soon! Love the Ole ones as well. I don’t think all wipes were made equal and the general fuss came from the fact that there were a LOT of people using actual baby wipes. Ugh. Xx

  2. I love this post! I do find that most wipes are harsh are my skin but use the no7 ones daily to removed most of my base and all my eye make up. (Definitely great with removing eye make up!) I always follow with the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser just to make sure I have removed all make up and a good hydrating moisturiser!
    I have used high street and luxury brands and I’ve just stuck with what’s best for my skin. I don’t believe in a higher price means products are automatically amazing. Everyone’s skin is different so will react differently to all products!
    I say just buy what you want and be happy :).

  3. Yep, totally agree!!! My sister has THE most amazing skin and uses wipes and a three euro moisturiser. She doesn’t even have a hint of a fine line or a blemish on her face. It’s all habits and genetics. I smoked heavily and went a bit nuts partying when I was younger and despite being very pale I even slept in “holiday” sun!!! Results: I have premature aging, rosacea and sun damage and I am only thirty. I now have the joy of dealing with PCOS acne as well!!! One of my fave moisturisers is Nivea sensitive though but generally I have to say that I do have to spend money on skincare (it’s more the accumulation of individual products rather than the single price tag of one though) and it bugs the hell out of me!!! a lot of makeup wipes sting including ones for “sensitive” skin but I am ok with Micellar waters so I might try these – wipes are so convenient!!

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