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Shiffa Koré Perfume Review

2 May 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Right! If you are looking for a special new fragrance that will really make you smell expensive, then I think I have found it. Dubai born beauty brand Shiffa have just launched their newest fragrance, Koré, and it is AMAZING!! When I first smelt it I actually couldn’t help myself from saying “phwoooaaaarrrr”. 
Shiffa Koré Perfume Review
Brand Founder, Dr Lamees, who is completely glamorous and fabulous, created this fragrance for herself and said “I wanted to go back to the old days of Guerlain, when they were producing the most amazingly luxurious and indulgent scents. I want to smell expensive. I don’t want to smell like cherry blossoms! I don’t want to smell like grass. I really want to smell sensual, womanly…why do people put fragrance on? Originally it was to get a partner, to seduce…it is all about seduction.”
Shiffa Koré Perfume Review
The name of the perfume, Koré, comes from the Greek goddess who was called Persephone before she was taken to the dark side by the Greek god of the underworld, when he fell in love in love with her. Koré is all about the danger of seduction and I have to say it was love at first sniff for me.
Shiffa Koré Perfume opens with stunning notes of violet leaf and rose essence which have a wonderfully earthy quality and it is lightened by the middle note of raspberry. It settles into the skin beautifully with my favourite deep, dark notes of musk and tonka bean but at the same time stays light and powdery thanks to heliotrope. Oh my goodness I love it.
Here’s the full note run down:
Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Rose Essence
Middle Notes: Hawthorn, Raspberry, Violet, Geranium
Base Notes: Musj, Tonka Bean, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Peru Balsam
It is beautiful, seductive and sensual, and it lasts and lasts. Love. It. Shiffa Koré Perfume is available at for £95 and will be in stores soon. You can buy Shiffa beauty products at Space NK.

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