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Sepai Customisable Skincare Review

23 Feb 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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The serum I have been using during the day for the last month is one from spanish skincare brand Sepai which launched into Selfridges towards the end of last year.  This is the Sepai V3.0 Restart Serum.
Sepai V3.0 Restart Serum Review
It looks exciting doesn’t it and it is! It’s rather a lot like a chemistry experiment which really speaks to the beauty geek in me!! The syringes are part of ‘Tune It’ element of Sepai skincare. I’ll talk you through the serum and then the facial extracts I chose to customise the treatement.

Sepai V3.0 Restart Serum is a serious anti-ageing serum that contains 27 active ingredients. Wow! You can tell it is really active just by the smell. It smells like it works, if you know what I mean?! It is formulated for normal to oily skin and leaves a matte finish. I chose this one because I have been getting a bit shiny recently. I have definitely found this to be a great day time option under my moisturiser and makeup.

The serum itself tackles the causes of skin ageing and protects the skin from free radicals, environmental damage including UV and pollution and more. It’s a serious serum. To make it even more serious, you can ‘Tune It’.
Sepai Tune It V6.10 Relax Like Facial Extract
Sepai Tune It V6.12 Whitening Facial Extract
Ben very much enjoyed helping me with this part and he popped in Sepai Tune It V6.10 Relax Like Facial Extract and Sepai Tune It V6.12 Whitening Facial Extract which I chose because I decided I wanted to boost the serum’s anti-wrinkle and brightening powers.
It sounds really complicated but basically, if you want to, you can super charge the serum and customise it to tackle your particular concerns. It could be firmess, volume, pigmenatation whatever your main worries, and you can charge up the serum with extracts that will specifically tackle your concerns. 
I had a bit of pigmentation on my skin after my holiday in January, and I definitely think that my formula has fixed that. 
It’s an absolutely amazing serum. It feels so good on my skin – really refreshing, uber hydrating with an instant brightening and tightening effect. Here’s my face today, straight after I applied it:
Sepai Customisable Skincare Review
It sinks into my skin tracelessly and it’s so comfortable that it doesn’t feel like I really even need a moisturiser. I always use one though. The hitch is the price – the Sepai V3.0 Restart serum itself is £120 and then the added extracts start at £36.
My customised combo comes in at a whopping £198! I just don’t know who has that kind of money to spend on a serum!! The thing is what you get is amazing – remember 27 active ingredients and every drop will so something for your skin. There’s no fillers or empty ingredients included, everything is high quality, everything has a role – a 100% functional formula.
And I think it really works. It sorted out my pigmentation issues in about 2 weeks! If I could only use this serum ever again, I wouldn’t cry about it, and that is saying something from someone who is obsessed with trying the next new thing!
Find Sepai exclusively at Selfridges. I wonder if you can use the extracts with your regular serum?? I should find out!

UPDATE FROM SEPAI: Yes you can use the extracts in your normal creams/serums. I’d definitely recommend the Whitening one!

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