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Scunci Instatwist Review & Video

8 Jun 2015 (Updated: 7 Aug 2015)

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So braids are big and here’s something to make doing them an absolute piece of cake. Here’s the brand new Scunci Instatwist which One Direction stylist, Lou Teasdale, has gotten right behind.

Scunci Instatwist Review

So if you ever found braiding your hair a little tricky, then you might want to take a look at this. Personally I am really confident with heat styling my hair, and can do waves and curls to my heart’s content now (after A LOT of practice), but I have never mastered  braids!

You can go for a nice chunky braid like the first photo, or create some little accent braids, pictured below.

Scunci Instatwist Review

And that is why I usually just have my hair down – All. The. Time. So the Scunci Instatwist is a clever little tool that can create twist looks and braid effects really easily.

Scunci Instatwist Review

Scunci Instatwist – How To Use

Scunci Instatwist Review
  • Clip 2 sections of hair into the Instatwist
  • Push the button up to No 1 to twirl
  • Then push the button down to No 2 to create the twist
Scunci Instatwist Review

You can see it in this Beauty News video – if you fast forward to the end. Feel free to watch the rest if you like though. In fact, be my guest! Subscribe for more vids if you can.

It is really easy to use and you can create a range of different looks with it. Check out the Instatwist YouTube channel to see Lou Teasdale demonstrating the range of ways you can use it.

It’s pretty fun, I have to say, but I am definitely still a hair-down girl!

Scunci Instatwist is £30. You can buy it at Boots and Superdrug soon.



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