SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Facial Balm Review
By Ree

SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Moisturising Facial Balm Review

17 Dec 2020

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The concept behind SBTRCT is absolutely brilliant and if you have ever thought about really stripping back your skincare in more ways than one, this is for you. With simple formulas, and the most minimal packaging, SBTRCT still manages to be super chic. Here’s what you need to know.

SBTRCT Solid Skincare with compostable outer packaging and zero plastics
SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Moisturising Facial Balm

The aim when this brand began was to “create beautiful products for beautiful souls.”  Who are those beautiful souls? “People who want to make a difference without compromising on having great skin or great design.” They have just two products. Interesting hey?

What is SBTRCT Skincare?

  • All products are solid in state and hand made
  • Promises to be the best of skincare concentrated into a solid bar without water
  • Uses high quality ingredients from science and nature
  • All natural ingredients used are sustainably sourced
  • 100% domestically compostable packaging

SBTRCT Skincare Cleanser Work?

Although the Gentle Foaming Cleanser looks like a bar of soap, it isn’t a soap. They use naturally derived, palm-oil free surfactants that work to lift up impurities on the skin so they can be washed away. The cleanser has a pH of 5 to  5.5 so it is kind to skin and even suitable for those with sensitive skin types.

What’s In It?

The bar contains:

  • Vegetable derived emollients
  • Coconut based surfactants
  • Fragrance from a unique blend of essential oils including geranium, rose and tonka
SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser
SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My Review

I find the best way to get a lovely creamy foam is to pop the bar in to a small amount of water for about 30 seconds before I work it between by palms. It then lathers up beautifully for a really luxurious cleanse. The SBTRCT soap dish that’s available separately looks super chic by the sink, so you don’t have to worry about any mess.

The cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped in the slightest. It delivers a smooth, calm complexion and it does everything I expect a good cleanser to do including removing makeup really well. Plus it’s different and fun, and I don’t feel any guilt about single use plastic packaging, or any plastic at all for that matter.

If you have a compost heap, you can shove the packaging in it, and three months later you will be able to use it in your garden. If not, you can just recycle it.

Soap Dish & Bamboo moisturiser pot from SBTRCT Skincare
SBTRCT Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Moisturising Facial Balm

What is in the SBTRCT Skincare Moisturising Facial Balm?

This is the first time I have used a solid moisturiser and I was very intrigued. Initially baffled by a bar of moisturiser, I very soon got into the swing of this newness!

It contains glycerine and squalane which are two of my favourite moisturising ingredients, plus rosehip oil and shea butter.

My Review

Once softened, it turns into a dreamy rich and balmy texture that sinks into the skin really well leaving a lovely healthy glow and a moisturised, comfortable feel.  It’s basically the moisturiser you never thought you’d love.

The directions say to remove it from the bamboo pot, if you have one, (It’s £10 and pretty), rub it between dry hands to get it moving and then apply it to the face. I actually prefer to just dig out a little bit, and then warm it up between my fingers. I think you can just make it work for you.

Whilst I am a big fan of lots of steps, and more active skincare, this is a perfect duo for when I want something quick, easy and effective. In fact, I have been using them first thing in the morning before I have a few cups of tea and get on my Peloton. My usual skincare routine then kicks in once I have showered.

Where to buy it

You can learn more at

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