Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30 Skinesis Review
By Ree

Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30 Skinesis Review

2 Jul 2020 (Updated: 19 Jul 2020)

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If you know me, you will know that the sound of Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30 is music to my ears. SPF 30 for the delicate eye area, with anti-ageing skincare and a dewy tint?? Heaven!! Here’s what you need to know. I have it here with photos of how it looks on the skin.

Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30
Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30

The original Skin Insurance launched in 2015 and earned itself cult favourite status. I was delighted when Skin Insurance SPF 50+ launched earlier in the year (review here) because I am always happy to up the ante when it comes to sun protection. It is a hundred percent the most important factor in preventing extrinsic skin ageing.

Imagine my glee when I heard that we were getting a similar formula but one dedicated to the eye area, the part of my face where I worry about ageing the most!

What is Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance?

  • Tinted, lightweight formula
  • Smooths, firms, brightens and protects the skin
  • Minimises signs of fatigue
  • Offers a powerhouse formula concentrated with high performance actives and ingredients
  • Provides photo-ageing protection, lifting and firming benefits
  • Instantly delivers optical brightening and light diffusing effects
  • Uses Glycolift ™ and Beautifeye ™ – the 1st active ingredient that lifts the upper eyelid area
  • Works to stimulate collagen
  • Promotes a lifted, firmer appearance and more even tone and texture
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres plump the skin
  • Optical diffusers including Lipolight® and a diamond powder complex scatter light for a soft-focus illuminating effect

I have been so desperate to get my hands on this, and I am thrilled that I finally have it!! It’s as wonderful as I hoped it would be, and certainly lives up to the love that I have for Skin Insurance SPF50.

Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance Swatch

So here’s how it looks as it is dispensed – just like the original face formula, with that beautiful texture that promises a gorgeous glow.

Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30
Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30

Before & After

I thought I would show you the product applied very quickly to just one eye, so that you can see the instant efffect.  Below shows Eye Insurance applied to just the left side (as you see it in the photo).

Make sure you check out my Instagram Stories because I will be showing application there really soon, along with the new Skin Insurance so you can see how they work together.

The texture is gorgeous. It melts into the skin, instantly smoothing, hydrating and plumping, and just makes everything look a lot more even. The tint element, as with the Skin Insurance, is very well executed. It has enough coverage and glow to brighten, and perfect, without it looking like you are wearing makeup at all. You just look more awake, brighter and fresher.

I have tested it under concealer, and everything layers over it beautifully. I’ve also tested it over makeup, and again, it works well patted into the eye area, and doesn’t mess up the makeup you have on.

Not only are you able to top up your protection for this delicate skin, but you can also add back in the hydration and glowy plumpness that tends to drain out of the skin as the day wears on.

You could either use it on its own for day time top ups, or to provide and glowy, brightened base for your concealer re-application with the addded benefit of active ingredients and sun protection. Perfection!! Ideally you need one for your bathroom and one for your handbag!!

Where to buy Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30

This new addition to the Skinesis line is availabe now at:

The price is £48. It is expensive, but it is also doing quite a few jobs in one.

Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30
Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30

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