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Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

28 Jul 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Well the day finally came last week when I got to meet Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish and also some of the other nail colours that kick off the Christian Louboutin Beaute collection. It was very exciting!!

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish is the debut product for Louboutin Beaute

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish
Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

So! As you can see, Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish is no ordinary nail polish. For a start, each bottle is more of a work of art than a nail polish bottle and this line is never going to be for you if your first thought is “How will I store them?”. These polishes are not to be stored, they are to be displayed!

The first launch is the brand’s signature red polish, created to look just like the red soles which apparently require 20 coats of red paint. Rouge Louboutin is a super glossy formula designed to pack on the pigment for flawless red coverage. Watching my manicure I think that the handles will take a little getting used to, but I’ll have to wait to paint my own nails with it to really be able to comment on that. The polish delivers a beautiful finish and I really don’t think that the formula disappoints.

The debut shade is of course the red, but Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish is soon to be followed by 30 more shades across 3 colour families. September 2014 will see the launch of Noir, Nude and Pop collections.

Noir, Nude and Pop Collections Launch September 2014

Louboutin Nails Noir Collection
Louboutin Nails Nude Collection
Louboutin Nails Pop Collection

I’m in love! And this is just the start because there’s a lot more on it’s way. I am guessing (and hoping) that lipstick will be next! I can’t even begin to imagine what that will look like but I do know that I definitely want Louboutin Rouge lips!

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish is out now for £36 although it sold out in a flash. When it does come back in stock, you’ll find it at Louboutin online and it will be sold in stores alongside the shoes from 14th August at Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols & Christian Louboutin Boutiques. This is not a beauty hall affair!

Will you buy into this one?


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5 thoughts on “Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

  1. Once the paint in on the nail, yes it will look great but it will look exactly the same as every other nail polish out there. How will you tell the difference between a hand painted with Rimmel Polish, Chanel Polish or this £36 bottle?? My point is that for £36 what do you get for your money? Yes its Louboutin, yes its exclusive and yes its aimed at the rich and famous but I think anyone would be mad to pay £36 for a nail polish. Nothing about this justifies this price. Mr Louboutin must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Wow, I think they look really good. The lid reminds me of shoe heels – they are like super sharp stilettos!!
    Very beautiful packaging.

  3. The bottles are so beautiful and I didn’t think I’d like the range of shades as much as I do! I know its a hefty price to pay for a nail varnish, but for those that would like a bit of Christian Louboutin in their lives but can’t afford to splash out £500 on a pair of shoes, I think they’re perfect. I think they’d make a lovely christmas gift (bit far off yet, I know!). x

  4. I own several pairs of Louboutin shoes- I consider them an investment but no way I would pay almost £40 for a bottle of nail varnish. Pretty bottle though x

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