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Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks Review

13 Aug 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Bit of home fragrance for you right here. I have become rather accustomed to the soft and subtle smell of rose and cedar-wood in my living room supplied by these Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks.
Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks
It’s a gentle waft of rose with an uplifting hint of cedarwood. This is all about fresh and natural fragrance, you know, like you just live a simple fragrant life without trying –  not over-powering just kind of effortless.
Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks
I took these photos when I first opened the pretty box about a month ago and it is now towards half way down. I expect it to last at least another couple of months as I know from experience that the rate that the fragrance evaporates tends to slow down.
The bonus with this Rituals reed diffuser is that you don’t need to turn the reeds. The fragrance has been specially formulated so that you don’t need to bother with that jazz! I told you it was effortless!
Find the Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance sticks at John Lewis here for £22.50. There a whole range of other gorgeous fragrances to choose from too.
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One thought on “Rituals Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks Review

  1. I was looking at these at John Lewis yesterday funnily enough! The Rituals Happy Mist is probably one of my most used products as I spray it on my bed every day; it’s amazing! xx

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