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Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review

3 Aug 2014

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There seems to be quite a lot of excitement for the new Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara which, of course, made me very excited to try it! Straight away, I really like the packaging!

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review
Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review

It looks pretty unusual (in a good way) with its bronze casing which really suits the product, as the formula is also pretty unusual.

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Formula

This mascara contains Argan Oil. Yes I like that idea! If it’s good enough for my hair then it’s good enough for my lashes! The Argan oil is in Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara to nourish and condition the lashes and I don’t know whether it’s because I know it’s  in there, but it does actually feel very conditioning as it goes on. It is a clump free formula and this claim really delivers in my view. It builds beautiful, smooth volume yet feels really light. It’dries quickly which prevents the lashes from sticking together.

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Brush

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review

I really like the brush. It is really flexible in terms of the actually brush head, and each individual bristle. It kind of bends as you apply, but not as much at the L’Oreal Miss Manga which I found just a tad too bendy! It glides through the lashes like a dream – separating as it goes and really fanning out the lashes.

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Before & After Photos

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review – Before
Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review – 1 Coat
Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review – 2 Coats
Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review – After

I am a big fan of this mascara. It really curled and defined my lashes, it is super black and it feels really comfortable and light. It also lasted really well all night but came off nice and easily when I removed my makeup. Also I think the price is amazing.

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara is just £5.99 and it is available at Boots now.



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15 thoughts on “Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara Review

  1. Is the formula more dry or wet? only because mascara is quite a personal preference thing.. and I always see that mascaras do wonders for you and I have more specific needs (crap lashes problems)

      1. Excellent, I went out to buy this to test it out. At £5.99 it isn’t a great lost. I like drier mascaras so I could leave it to dry if it is too wet. You’re such an enabler!! Thank you for the post and for replying xx

  2. Just come across your blog – its really good:-)
    Would you say this is more of a day mascara? I like the idea of this with the argan oil and your lashes look great but some other reviews ive read have said it’s more of a day look, which isn’t what im after x

      1. Thanks for the reply. I don’t wear mascara every day anyway so I shall give it ago x
        Really like your hair tutorials!

  3. Firstly Ree .. I ve recently come across your site and I now am addidcted ! Thank you !
    Ive just bought this mascara , only tried it once so far , but yes its amazing ! Love it and highly recommend it ! Rimmel mascaras are awesome !

  4. I was in boots, going over the array of mascaras as I needed one and mine was out. I am used to your blog and found your great review as usual. I asked about the mascara and luckily found it. I tried it and found every line of your feedback true. I got it right away. I recommend it along with bourgois twist. Both are buildable mascaras for the night. If feel a more dramatic sophisticared effect try baby doll mascara YSL. Thanks again

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