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ReeFit Part Two: Diet and Bodycare

10 Oct 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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To see what I have been eating and what treatments and products I have been using for ReeFit, check out this video. See how much weight I lost in Week One!
To see Part 2 video on exercise please go to
To see ReeFit Part One got to
For more information on the Purifyne Detox I am starting please go to
For more information on the Elemis Renew & Resculpt treatment go to

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3 thoughts on “ReeFit Part Two: Diet and Bodycare

  1. Congrats on the big loss! You look very pleased and proud of yourself as you should be!

    I’m literally sitting in my gym gear about to head out and start my new workout plan – feeling a bit daunted to be honest, but I’m more optimistic thanks to this video.

  2. @ Twelve52

    That’s excellent! So pleased to hear. The gym is daunting at first but it isn’t really. we just think it is!

    Good luck and keep me updated


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