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Ree-View: Eqyptian Magic

3 Oct 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Egyptian Magic
This is a review of a fab product I’ve been using recently called Egyptian Magic. You may have noticed that I have decided to call my reviews Ree-Views as a little play on words with my name. It’s cheesy but I’m not shy luckily, and I am finding it rather amusing. Anyway, on with my Ree-View (!!) …
I have actually done this one on video because thought that it would give you a better opportunity to see the versatility of Egyptian Magic – and also so you could see that’s it actually real and not something from an ancient tale!
For those of you who prefer a conventional blog post, I have written a summary at the end, but if you don’t mind me being in your face, here’s the video…

This really is an all purpose cream, you can practically use it head to toe. A celeb favourite I’m told and the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Kate Hudson, Madonna, Eve Mendes and Rachel Zoe. And they can add me to that list now. Lucky them!!

You can use it as a face and body moisturiser, lip balm, hand and cuticle cream, slick it on to keep brows in place, condition your lashes and add a dewy look to your cheek bones. The possibilities are endless!! I have also used it to prep my skin for my year round addiction, fake tan!

Check out the video here to hear me chat more about it or go online for more info and buy.

So what do you make of it?


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2 thoughts on “Ree-View: Eqyptian Magic

  1. I’d heard of this before but never used it, I actually don’t like the idea of all purpose creams, I feel that they may not be good for anything at all trying to cover all bases, if you see what I mean lol! x

  2. the pot looks like a pot which would contain sodium bicarbonate or some washing powder. haha. i’ve heard from good reviews about this, my only issue (despite the not so good packaging) is the price and the huuuuuuuuge pot. would love to be able to buy a smaller amount xx

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