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Pixiglow Tinkerbell Collection

25 Mar 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I absolutely adore Pixi makeup and Pixiglow, this gorgeously cute Disney inspired collection has not let me down one bit.

Pixiglow Tinkerbell Collection
The palette (£32)  is so cute and I have to say I am pretty addicted to the eyeshadows right now. They are so soft and flattering with exactly the right amount of shimmer. They are super buildable too, so you can go for a lovely light  look or go quite smoky.
This is quite smoky but not heavy…
Pixiglow Tinkerbell Collection 

The blush gives a lovely natural glow to the cheeks.
I also love the Pixiglow Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip (£12) – a moisturising balm that adjust to the pH levels to create your own pink – and the Pixi Glow Tinker Bell Catching Shadows Crayon (£12) – a soft shadow pencil fabulous for highlighting.

Pixiglow Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip and the Pixi Glow Tinker Bell Catching Shadows Crayon
You can check out the full collection at ASOS here. It’s definitely worth a look…so much more than a pretty face!!
Have you tried any Pixi products yet?
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