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Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK Review

6 Apr 2019 (Updated: 12 Oct 2019)

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I was super keen to find out what the Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm was like. Not least to satisfy my own curiosity, but because so many readers were interested. It is no longer a mission getting Pat McGrath products in the UK, because everything is now available at Selfridges.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK

What is Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm Like?

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK
Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK
  • Luminous lip balm with a dewy finish
  • Protects from free radicals with an antioxidant, vitamin-rich, anti-aging formula
  • Glides on flawlessly, restoring softness and elasticity
  • Hydrates, repairs, restores and replenishes lips 
  • Works overtime as a leave-on treatment
  • Texture melts onto lips
  • Lightweight, silky feel

I love that this lip balm is completely white apart from the gold inner tube, trim and lip design. It looks different to all my other lip products.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK
Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK

In terms of the formula, it is really lovely. It melts into the lips and instantly softens and smooths dryness.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK

Lips are left looking healthy and full with a luminous sheen. It’s super soothing and comfortable.

It is just lovely. The price is £35 in the UK although I actually got mine from Pat’s US website and I ended up playing  £47.89 with shipping! Thanks heavens is available in Selfridges now! It also comes in three other tinted shades which look so gorgeous if you want a soft wash of colour as well as some serious lip conditioning.

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You can check out the full Pat collection here.

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3 thoughts on “Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm UK Review

  1. I am in the US and got free shipping and even then I don’t think it is worth it… Packaging is everything and I enjoy the texture and finish of the product very much but can’t keep from wondering why every other PMG lipstick is 4grams yet this one is only 3.5 as you rightfully mentioned. This is a lip balm! No valid explanation as to why it is smaller especially when one looks at the ingredients list.

  2. Who cares about grams of product, no colorless lip balm is worth that ridiculous price. None.
    Everyone is making a fuss because she has a top notch advertising team-Mother?? Really?? She should get over herself.

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