Pat McGrath Foundation Review & Photos - Sublime Perfection
By Ree

Pat McGrath Foundation Review & Photos – Sublime Perfection

4 Aug 2019 (Updated: 12 Oct 2019)

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This is such an exciting foundation launch. Here’s what you need to know about the brand new Pat McGrath Foundation, part of her complete Sublime Perfection System. I have now had the chance to apply this myself and test it. Here’s what you need to know.

Pat McGrath Foundation - Sublime Perfection System
Pat McGrath Foundation – Sublime Perfection System

So this is launch is the next step in Pat’s Skin Fetish line and is all about making it easy for us to create the kind of backstage skin with etherial, angelic perfected glow that she is famous for. It is kind of a big deal!! It is available at Selfridges now!

How Many Shades of Pat McGrath Foundation?

Pat McGrath Foundation Shades
Pat McGrath Foundation Shades

Before I go into the system, I wanted to touch on the shades that are going to be available. The collection is launching with 36 universal shades of foundation across five colour families and all skin tones. Pat believes that there is something here for everyone, and as it has been tested backstage on a plethora of models with all different skin types and tones, I’d imagine she can say this pretty confidently.

Five Colour Families

The 36 shades have been divided into four colour groups:

  • Light
  • Light-Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium Deep
  • Deep

Every shade has been tested to enhance every skin type, tone and undertone, backstage, on the runway, in the studio and in day light.

I will be able to share more photos of the shades soon, but for now, I have been matched to Light-Medium shade 8.

Pat McGrath Foundation Swatch

As samples are still very limited, I haven’t been able to swatch all the shades quite yet, but this is number 8 which I have been matched to:

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation - Shade 8 Swatch
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation – Shade 8 Swatch

The Foundation Formulation

  • Buildable formulation
  • Goes from weightlessly sheer to flawless medium coverage
  • Uses Vita-Serum Complex for plump, smooth skin (more details below)
  • Diamond Core Powder Technology optically blurs and smooths
  • Illuminating soft focus pigment scatters light
  • Serum-soft texture
  • Free from parabens, talc, fragrance and oil
  • 12 hour wear (4 more hours if used with the Sublime Perfection Primer)

The Vita-Serum Complex

The skincare complex within the Pat McGrath Foundation works to help fight the formation of wrinkles by preserving the hydrolipidic film barrier of the skin and boost hydration. It activates the natural production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides in the skin. I love that we are getting a lot of skincare!

Before and After Photos

I have been testing shade 8 of the foundation since I received my sample a few days ago and I have been getting on really well.

ReallyRee without foundation
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation Shade 8
After – Shade 8

I have a video coming on the application of this foundation really soon, so make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube.

My Review

This is such an easy foundation to apply. The formula is light and liquidy and it melts into the skin effortlessly. It feels like super hydrating skincare as it goes on and even though it dries to a velvet matte finish, it gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

It dries down pretty quickly, although this is potentially down to the alcohol it contains. I don’t yet have a full list of ingredients, but I am aware that it features alcohol, just in case that’s something you want to avoid if you have sensitive skin.

A light layer gives a lovely sheer finish with a natural looking, skin-like radiance. You can build it up really nicely to a medium coverage, flawless finish. It lasts on my skin really well, and I actually feel like it looks a better once I have worn it for a couple of hours after my natural oils start to get going (I’m combination skin type).

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation Shade 8

I used the foundation without the Primer as I don’t have a sample of that, and I actually really liked it by itself. So if you are not sure about getting the Primer, then I think you can get away with it.

The Sublime Perfection System

Thehe Pat McGrath Foundation is part of a three step system – PREP, PERFECT, SET.

Pat McGrath Foundation - Sublime Perfection System
Pat McGrath Foundation – Sublime Perfection System

There is also the Sublime Perfection Primer in one shade. This works to smooth and hydrate the skin and is infused with hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss. It creates the perfect base for the foundation to lock on to and provides an extra four hours of wear time. The finish is velvet matte.

The Sublime Perfection Setting Powder comes in 5 shades that are callibrated to correspond to the 36 shades of foundation.  I have shade Light-Medium 2.

It is the most weightless powder and it almosts whispers on your skin. It uses a Flex-Form Matrix and micronised Amino Acid treated pigments in hexagonal and crystalline shapes to ensure skin adherence.

What is special about this system is that the foundation can be layered on top of the powder and you can go back in with the different textures without any fear of making a mess. No more rules!!

There is also the Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush and Powder Brush in the collection.

When Does the Pat McGrath Foundation Launch & How Much Is It?

The Sublime Perfection collection is exclusively online and in store at Selfridges now. The foundation is £60, the primer is £52, the powder is £50, the foundation brush is £50 and the powder brush in £55.

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation - Shade 8
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation – Shade 8

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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8 thoughts on “Pat McGrath Foundation Review & Photos – Sublime Perfection

  1. I can’t wait! You look positively gorgeous with this foundation. Your skin has that plump and juicy look. Thank you for giving us a fantastic peak.

  2. Looks amazing. Are you Deauville in Nars Sheer Glow? I think Shade 8 might be a good match for me xx

  3. Dear Ree, I am dying to try this foundation, but I find it difficult to find my shade. Is 8 the perfect shade for you ? I am Yukon in NARS, so I am doubting about 6 or 8.
    Big hug from Holland!

    1. Hi there!
      I think 8 is a good shade for me but I haven’t been able to really play with it as I don’t have my own sample.

      I am hopinng to get a sample soon though xxx

    1. It’s a sheerer coverage than the Tilbury. To be honest I haven’t had a chance to play with it since the launch event but I am loving the Aribrush Flawless foundation xx

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