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PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm Review

7 May 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I have been checking out this little number which is dubbed as “Australia’s wonder PAW PAW balm”. Although I have never heard of it until a few weeks ago (where have I been?) it has apparently reached worldwide cult status.  It promises healing and moisturising properties and has now landed in the UK with new packaging and a new name, PapayaGold PAWPAW balm. 
PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm Review
So what’s all the fuss with Paw Paw Balm?
This has all the benefits of the original formulation of Australia’s tropical Paw Paw (soothing irritated skin, relieving dryness and conditions like eczema and blemishes), however, it has been enhanced with New Zealand’s bioactive Manuka Honey (grade 20 and above) to deliver even more healing. Manuka Honey of this quality has pretty special healing powers according to researchers at Cardiff University. Well so I am told…
PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm Review
In addition to soothing irritation, people are also using it as an everyday handbag must-have – for dry lips, on dehydrated skin on long-haul flights and even as a primer for makeup, although I think it would be far too greasy for that! Anyway….
It was only when I realised that it was selling like hot cakes online that I started to get properly interested. It seems that people really do love this and its fame does reach further than Australia. I instagram’d a photo of it and people commented saying that they always pick it up when they are Down Under and apparently the tiniest amount on your cheekbones is great as a glow-giver (thanks Mika! – Illamasqua makeup artist extraordinaire!).
So I have been trying out this famous PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm and it has to be said, it’s lovely. I have mainly been using it on my lips as a balm and also to prep for lipstick. If my lips are a little flaky I have been popping this on, leaving it for a few minutes and then buffing it off with a tissue. The dry skin just lifts off leaving smooth lips ready for lippy. I have to say it’s been a bit of a godsend because my lips have been unusually dry. And sure enough, it’s great to dab what’s left on your fingertips just over the cheekbones for a really natural looking highlight and luscious juicy skin.
PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm comes in quite a big tube (25g) for just £5.99. I’d actually like a smaller tube so that it’s more clutch-friendly for who am I to start suddenly making demands?! As I type, it is sold out at Boots and Feel Unique, but Superdrug are still showing stock. I suggest checking all the links for updates. Well worth picking one up and parents will be glad to know it’s suitable for kids.
Lighter in feel than both Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and Vaseline, and with a very subtle smell, this is a definite keeper!

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3 thoughts on “PapayaGold PAW PAW Balm Review

  1. I was dissapointed to see that one of the main ingredients in this product is Petrolatum. If they scrap that I would try it.


  2. I saw this the other day in Boots and went back the next day but it was all gone! I have crazy-dry lips and they mess up my putting lipstick on so maybe I need to give it a go. Is it very greasy? Normal lip-balms can give me spots around my mouth if I swipe them onto the skin by accident so I’m wary!

  3. I’ve been using this Paw Paw miracle cream on my lips for a goodly while now, and for some happy reason it has made my lips a healthy pink colour that I’ve never seen before. With all this lousy mask wearing I haven’t bothered with lipstick and gloss for a while. So glad I got it in Aus when I was there before all this travel ban business. So impressed with this stuff!!

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