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P20 Suncare Extends Range to SPF 15, 30 & 50+

2 Jul 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I thought this was pretty interesting and some of you may already be aware, but after 30 years of success with one famous SPF 20 once a day sun protection product, P20 have extended the range to include P20 SPF 15.  P20 SPF 30 and (the one I am most keen on)  P20 SPF 50.
The new P20 products offer the same 10 hour protection (UVA & UVB) which is active 15 minutes after application and categorised as ‘very water resistant’, but now in a much broader and in my opinion more relevant range of SPF. 
Although I am slightly confused by the need for a SPF 15. I really think that 30 is a safe minimum standard especially considering the rising number of skin cancer cases we are seeing globally.
Although I have never been a regular user of P20, mainly because of the low protection factor, I know people that absolutely swear by it, and I’m super excited to try the new P20 SPF 50+.
Apparently the new products have a lighter formulation and a new spray format so it will be even easier to use.
The new P20 range – SPF 15, 20,30,50+- is available in 200ml (£24.99) and 100ml (£13.29) from all major grocery and pharmacy retailers.

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3 thoughts on “P20 Suncare Extends Range to SPF 15, 30 & 50+

  1. As a paler than a milk bottle freckly kinda gal ive been an avid user of P20 for many a travels & despite its pungent chemical smell ive used without any burning issues until my recent hols when i too saw the P50 spray option & popped it into my duty free promto unfortunately ill skip it next time. The spray made for uneven aplication & i burnt. I did like the less sticky coating & less pungent smell but the spray version doesnt cut it for me unless they offer the orginal screw cap container hope it works for you

  2. I’m really glad they now offer higher spf than just 10 & 20. My OH loves this stuff but I never felt like SPF 20 was enough for his fair complexion.
    I bought him the SPF30 for our April holiday and I’ll be getting him the SPF50 for our July holiday. What really annoys me though (and him) is why they had to change it to a spray bottle. It makes it’s harder to get an even coverage AND the bottle distorts after it’s half empty. Sort it out Riemann!

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