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P Shine Nail Care Kit from Japan with Before & After Photos

11 Aug 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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My eyes lit up when I saw this cute little nail kit, P Shine, which is all about coaxing out the natural beauty of your nails.
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit
This is a cult Japanese nail kit that has everything you need to make your nails look healthily pink and shiny whilst preventing breakages and promoting strength.
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit
Doesn’t it look so cute?! I love stuff like this!! Before I go into what you have to do, I’ll show you a quick before and after of my nails.
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit – Before
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit – After
This took me about 15 minutes and the after photo doesn’t quite do justice to how healthy and shiny my nails look. I am so impressed. You could happily skip nail polish (although I wouldn’t dream of it!).
I really suffer with ridges in my nails and this has been fixed this after 1 treatment. Amazing!! Here is what I did – the first treatment involves all the steps and then subsequent maintenance treatments require fewer steps.
After pushing back the cuticles (I forgot this step) you start with the emery board and use the green side to shape and the pink side to smooth the nail surface.
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit Emery Board
Next you spread the P Shine paste onto the green buffer:
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit – Paste
Then buff the nails in one direction  – you start to see shine very quickly.
Next the same with the powder and the pink buffer:
P Shine Nail Buffer Kit – Powder
And then it is done! Bonus? So much fun!
If your nails need a bit of TLC then I really recommend trying the P Shine Nail Care Kit. The only downside  is that it is pricey – £49 – but it really does the job and it is as good as a professional treatment. In fact, this very system is used in salons.
P Shine is out at the end of August 2013 exclusively at www.nailberry.co.uk
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10 thoughts on “P Shine Nail Care Kit from Japan with Before & After Photos

  1. This P-shine nail kit really is as good as you say Ree. I bought the kit in the 1980’s! (looks virtually the same too)!! It cost about $29 (Australian dollars) and that was thought of as pricey then, but worth the money, although I haven’t seen it in years. It may be stored away somewhere as I have moved house a few times since then!

    1. I got mine from the 80s. I used to do all my friends’ nails. Still got it. Still works. Just did my nails today. This is a beautiful product. I am so pleased it is still available 🙂

  2. I have been looking for this set for years!!! I am so excited, this was the best manicure set I have ever found, and yes…used it in the 80’s. Great product, thanks for the find!

  3. I bought a kit in Vancouver, Canada during the early 80s too. Found it when I moved a few months ago. I don’t have the emery boards anymore, but buffers and paste still doing a great job on my nails. I’d recommend this kit for sure.

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