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OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo Review

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This is such an exciting collaboration between two super cool brands. Check out the brand new OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo which is launching now. Here’s everything you need to know.

ouai x byredo super dry shampoo review

Mojave Ghost is one of BYREDO’s most iconic fragrances and now you can enjoy it as OUAI’s best selling dry shampoo. OUAI are big on fragrance in their haircare and even brought out their own line of fragrances back in 2018.

What is OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo?

OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo
OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo
  • Limited edition collab between  and OUAI
  • OUAI’s super absorbent dry with BYREDO’s iconic Mojave Ghost scent
  • The Formula uses volcanic minerals and rice starch to soak up oil flow
  • Absorbs oil
  • Blends easily into all hair colours
  • Adds volume and body with a soft, touchable finish
  • Volcanic minerals help naturally detoxify and cleanse hair
  • Rhodiola rosea extract helps fight free- radicals, helping hair appear stronger
  • Mojave Ghost is a woody composition (see below for more details)
  • FREE OF: SLS, SLES, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and silicones
  • SAFE FOR: Colour-treated hair, keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts and chemically treated
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

The Fragrance Notes

If you’re reading this, the chances are you already know and love Mojave Ghost, but just in case you don’t, here’s a recap on the notes.

  • Top: Ambrette
  • Middle: Magnolia, Sandalwood, Violet
  • Base: Cedarwood, Chantilly Musk, Crisp Amber

It’s an amazing scent and has gained status amongst fragrance lovers.

How to use Dry Shampoo

Jen Atkins has some top tips for getting the best out of her dry shampoo. She says to first put down the hairbrush because brushing can transfer oil throughout the hair. Make sure the shake the can really well and apply about a ‘can’s length’ away from your head.

OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo
OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo

Focus the spray on the scalp, roots and hair line. Once it’s all applied, rub it into the hair to blend.

Where to buy OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo

Available for exclusive pre-order now at Space NK*. It is £20.

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