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Oribe Signature Moisture Mask Review and My Haircare Philosophy

30 Aug 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I am bordering on obsession with hair masks mainly because of their ability to bring back hair from the brink of the need to abandon mission ‘long hair’ in favour of ‘the chop’. The chop is not something I want  right now, and I don’t want to stop heat styling and colouring my hair…ever…so masks are where it’s at.
And this mask is really where it’s at!! Say hello to probably the most luxurious, decadent and super indulgent hair mask my bathroom has ever had the pleasure of hosting, the Oribe Signature Moisture Mask.
Oribe Signature Moisture Mask Review
Oribe Signature Moisture Mask Review
I didn’t really used to care that much about hair products and kind of considered that regular conditioner was a treat product – but those days are long gone! In those days I had rubbish, shapeless hair and I never appreciated the value of a good hair day because I hadn’t really had any. I let my hair dry naturally and off I went – I would never have dreamt of using a mask that cost…ahem…£54 on my hair. It was only about skincare and makeup for me then.
Over the years things slowly changed, and since I have been writing the blog for BaByliss, The Hairdryer Diaries, I put a lot more effort into my hair and feel so much better for it. If my hair looks great, I tend to wear a lot less makeup and still feel fab.
But back to the Oribe Signature Mask! It is an absolute joy and even though it is £54 (which is soooooo much money for a hair mask), I would actually buy it. I didn’t actually buy this one, which you probably guessed, but I was genuinely going to because Oribe’s reputation is so incredible. Fortunately for me, a wonderful PR angel fatefully intercepted and sent it to me! And yes, I really love my job.
Oribe Signature Moisture Mask Review
It feels amazing, smells amazing and does really amazing things for my over styled, constantly coloured hair. It injects moisture back in, leaves it soft, smooth and managable and basically restores it to a state pretty close to how it was before it was ever messed with. 
Plus, if I let it dry into my towel dried hair in a bun, it absorbs fully and leaves my hair looking like this when I take it out. No styling involved!
Oribe Signature Moisture Mask Review
Read my Treatment Bun Waves post on The Hairdryer Diaries for more  info on this. I figure, if you’re forking out £54 on a product, you may as well leave it in for as long as humanly possible.
Heat and colour does damage your hair, there is no doubt about it. But it’s products like these that make it possible for you to get away with it if you don’t want to stop and you don’t want the chop. Oooh look! I rhymed! 
There are cheaper masks on the market, that do a great job too, but the Signature Mask from Oribe makes you feel quite a lot more like a princess when you use it (amazing packaging for the ultimate bathroom beauty boast), and the results are great. I’d imagine the more damaged your hair, the more you’ll get from this.
Oribe Signature Moisture Mask is available at Space NK for £54. This one is for real hair junkies! Power to the hair mask and keep on styling!
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